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5.3. Songs, Stories, and Legends
  • Harrenhal is said to be cursed because of the burning by the Targaryen dragons which led to the deaths of Harren the Black and his line. Every house that has held the castle since has met with misfortune (II: 88)
  • Ghosts are said to dwell in Harrenhal, and stories tell of men who were in their beds asleep are found the following morning all seared and burned mysteriously (II: 157)
  • Stories have it that Harren the Black mixed the blood of children into the mortar of Harrenhal (II: 307)
  • There are claims that Harren the Black and his sons haunt the cellars of the Wailing Tower, even though they died in the Kingspyre Tower (II: 335)
  • There is a song of Lord Deremond (who may have been a Darry) at the Bloody Meadow (II: 476)
  • Harrenhal's mews, where falcons were raised, are said to have only ghostly falcons residing in them (II: 496)
  • Some fools say that eating frogs as the crannogmen do will cause teeth to turn green and moss to grow from armpits (III: 104)
  • Maidenpool takes its name from the pool where Florian the Fool was said to have first glimped Jonquil bathing with her sisters (III: 235)
  • A lyric of "Six Maids in a Pool", presumably concerning Jonquil and her sisters (III: 234)
  • High Heart was sacred to the children of the forest, and their magic is said to linger, protecting anyone who sleeps there from harm (III: 249)
  • The smallfolk shun High Heart, saying it was haunted by ghosts of the children who had died there when the Andal king Erreg the Kingslayer had cut down the grove (III: 249)
  • It's said by some that the Lords of Riverrun sink into the soft mud of the rivers, in the watery halls where they hold eternal court, schools of fish their last attendants (III: 394)
  • Tristifer, the Fourth of his Name, King of the Rivers and the Hills, ruled from the Trident to the Neck thousands of years before Jenny of Oldstones and her prince, in the days when the kingdoms of the First Men were falling one after the other before the Andals. He was called the Hammer of Justice, and the singers say that he fought a hundred battles and won nine-and-ninety. When he raised his castle, now a ruin known only as Oldstones, it was the strongest in Westeros (III: 520)
  • A story is told that Mad Danelle Lothston sent out giant black bats of Harrenhal out to collect bad children for her cooking pots. She bathed in blood and presided over feasts of human flesh (IV: 132, 403)
  • "On a Misty Morn" a song meant for a woman singer representing a mother's lament as she searches a battlefield for her dead only son. The lyrics mention Wendish Town (IV: 149)