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6.1. Geography
  • The road that meets the kingsroad north of the confluence of the Trident is wild and dangerous, climbing through rocky foothills and thick forests in the Mountains of the Moon, past high passes and deep chasms to the Vale of Arryn (I: 240)
  • The Fingers are stony (I: 240)
  • The mountain road is perilous, teeming with shadowcats, rock slides, and the lawless mountain clans (I: 240)
  • The Bloody Gate is made by a pair of twin watchtowers, connected by a covered bridge, on the rocky mountain slops over a very narrow path which is scarcely wide enough for four men to ride abreast (I: 302)
  • Once one rides a little past the Bloody Gates, a huge vista opens up and the Vale of Arryn is open to view (I: 303)
  • The Vale of Arryn is a land of rich black soil, wide slow-moving rivers, and hundreds of small lakes, protected on all sides by sheltering peaks (I: 303)
  • The highroad crests the last pass on the western end of the valley and moves into a winding descent to the bottomlands two miles below. The Vale is less than half a day's ride wide at this point (I: 303)
  • The largest mountain is the Giant's Lance, three and a half miles high. Over its western shoulder flows Alyssa's Tears (I: 303)
  • Men from the Three Sisters are called Sistermen (II: 268)
  • Sisterton is on one of the Three Sisters (III: 370, 968)
  • In the higher western hills of the mountains, near the high road, stands a tiny and isolated village. There is another village some eight miles distant (III: 731, 732)
  • Frost and snow can make the high passes extremely dangerous, when combined with predators and marauding clansmen (III: 732)
  • The Fingers were one of the places where the Andals first landed, to wrest the Vale from the First Men (III: 770)
  • There's a small village of a dozen families in huts of piled stone beside a peat bog in the smallest of the Fingers, on the Baelish lands (III: 770)
  • Maidenpool is a short sea voyage away from Gulltown (IV: 206)
  • The Three Sisters are Sweetsister, Longsister, and Littlesister (IV: 706)
  • Gulltown is either a large town or a small city, with room enough for more than one noble house. It is much smaller than Lannisport, which in turn is much smaller than King's Landing or Oldtown (SSM: 1)
6.1.1. Trade and Resources
  • Wheat, corn, and barley. Not even in Highgarden do the pumpkins grow any larger nor is the fruit any sweeter (I: 303)
  • House Waxley, ruled by a lord, seems to be known for producing scented candles on its lands. The candles can be scented with nutmeg and other costly spices (IV: 335-336, 338)