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8.1. Geography
  • The Reach includes the plains of the southwest from the Dornish marches and Blackwater Rush to the shores of the Sunset Sea. It is the second largest region of the Seven Kingdoms, behind the North (I: 686. SSM: 1)
  • Ashford Meadow is separated from Ashford town by the river Cockleswent, a vassal stream of the Mander (THK: 465, 471)
  • There are rolling grasslands in the Reach (II:245)
  • The roseroad crosses the Mander at Bitterbridge (II: 248)
  • The waters of the upper Mander are muddy, at least in the area of Bitterbridge (II: 248)
  • Pleasure boats sail along the Mander from Highgarden (III: 71)
  • There is a motherhouse at Oldtown (III: 251)
  • The sea voyage from the Arbor around Dorne and through the Stepstones is a long one (III: 671) The Shield Islands are around the mouth of the Mander (III: 711)
  • Dosk is a village in the Reach which lies little more than three days' ride from Standfast. A village known as Little Dosk is near it as well. They lie close to the sea (TSS: 80, 82-83, 112)
  • A stream known as the Chequy Water can be found between Standfast and Dosk. A wooden bridge crosses it, and about an hour upstream one comes to a small forest belonging to House Osgrey known as Wat's Wood. (TSS: 82, 83, 85)
  • Coldmoat, the castle of House Webber, neighbors Standfast (TSS: 85)
  • The region near the sea where Dosk, Little Dosk, Standfast, and Coldmoat can be found are in the northern reaches of the Reach (TSS: 87)
  • The stream called the Chequy Water has carried that name for a thousand years or more (TSS: 91-92)
  • Places near to Standfast: Nunny (probably a village or town), Cobble Cover, the Horseshoe Hills, Derring Downs with its caves, the village of Brandybottom, and Leafy Lake (TSS: 92, 112)
  • Three small, nameless villages fall within Standfast's dominion, the largest of which had a one-room sept with crude charcoal drawings of the Seven on its walls. Twice a year a real septon would come around to forgive sins in the Mother's name (TSS: 93, 96)
  • Coldmoat lies west of Standfast. The shortest path between them is the west path from Standfast, which was little used by 211 (TSS: 110)
  • Wat's Wood once extended to Coldmoat, and before the Conquest aurochs and giant elk could be hunted there by the Osgreys and the kings of the Reach. It slowly dwindled in size, but even around 150 it extended to both sides of the Chequy Water. However, the Webbers took down the trees on their side so as to make pasturage (TSS: 112-113)
  • Well upstream from the bridge crossing the Chequy Water, one reaches the west end of Wat's Wood. Several hours ride west of that is Coldmoat (TSS: 114)
  • The Mander river may have been named for House Manderly (TSS: 128)
  • The source of the Chequy Water is found in the Horseshoe Hills, which were wholly controled by House Webber (TSS: 128)
  • Wat's Wood was set ablaze in 211, during a dispute between Lady Rohanne and Ser Eustace Greyjoy of Standfast. Neither side claimed responsibility (TSS: 139, 145)
  • In 211, Leafy Lake was part of the Webber domain (TSS: 149)
  • The Honeywine flows into Oldtown and on to Whispering Sound. It can be misty (IV: 2, 12)
  • Battle Island, on which the Hightower stands, is at the mouth of Whispering Sound (IV: 12-13)
  • Horn Hill, the seat of House Tarly, lies a hundred leagues northeast of Oldtown amidst thickly wooded foothills (IV: 81, 675)
  • The four Shield Islands are near the mouth of the Mander (IV: 430-431)
  • The lords of the Shield Islands command Greenshield, Greyshield, Oakenshield, and Southshield (IV: 431)
  • The Shield Islands are also known as the Four Shields (IV: 432)
  • The chief town of Oakenshield where its lords have their seat is the port of Lord Hewett's Town. The castle sits on a hill above the harbor, and the town is twice the size of Lordsport on Pyke (IV: 434)
  • The Mander is a wide, lazy river, full of sandbars and snags. Most ocean-going vessels cannot travel up it, but longships with low drafts could navigate as far as Bitterbridge (IV: 431)
  • The combined Four Shields are smaller than Harlaw (IV: 436)
  • The seat of the Lords of Greyshield is called Grimston (IV: 437)
  • There are smaller islands around the Arbor (IV: 529)
  • Ryamsport, Vinetown, and Starfish Harbor are three ports in the Arbor (IV: 672)
  • Three Towers, the seat of House Costayne, stands on the cliffs of the Whispering Sound (IV: 672)
  • Stonecrab Cay, the Isle of Pigs, the Mermaid’s Palace, the Horseshoe Rock, and Bastard’s Cradle are isles around the Arbor (IV: 674)
  • Starpike, seat of House Peake (TMK: 657)
8.1.1. Trade and Resources
  • Many fruits are grown in the Reach such as melons, fireplums, peaches, apples, and grapes. It's the most fertile area in the Seven Kingdoms (I: 34, etc. SSM: 1)
  • Oldtown woodharps are desirable (II: 127)
  • The Arbor is said to make the finest of wines, from dry fruity reds to a rich golden vintage (I: 493. II: 423)
  • Before the Conquest, the golden coins of the Reach were known as hands. They still exist in some number, with each coin roughly half the value of a dragon (IV: 233)
  • The Reach is the second wealthiest region in the Seven Kingdoms, behind the westerlands (SSM: 1)