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8.2.2. Ancestors and History
  • The Tyrells were stewards to the Kings of the Reach, whose realm included the plains of the southwest from the Dornish marches and Blackwater Rush to the shores of the Sunset Sea (I: 686)
  • Through the female line, the Tyrells claim descent from Garth Greenhand the gardener king of the First Men (I: 686)
  • Harlen Tyrell, steward to King Mern, surrendered Highgarden to Aegon after the death of the king (who was last of his line.) Aegon granted him the castle and dominion over the Reach (I: 686)
  • Leo Tyrell was Lord of Highgarden in (HK), a slender greybeard known as a peerless jouster. He was known as Leo Longthorn as well (THK: 490)
  • Highgarden has warred with the Dornishmen for a thousand years (II: 233)
  • Lord Luthor Tyrell was wed to Lady Olenna of House Redwyne, known as the Queen of Thorns. He died while hawking, riding off a cliff by accident as he looked to the sky (II: 65, 68)
  • Some houses of the Reach, especially the Florents, say that the Tyrell claim to Highgarden is dodgy. It appears the Florent claim was superior, as far as their blood ties to House Gardener went (III: 66, 947)
  • Garth Greenhand, the legendary king from the Age of Heroes through whom the Tyrells claim descent by the female line, had many children and so many houses in the Reach can claim descent from him (III: 67)
  • The Tyrells despise the Red Viper, Prince Oberyn, because of a tourney mishap which left Lord Mace's heir Willas crippled (III: 72, 433, 437)
  • Dorne and the Reach had fought border wars beyond count and made countless raids across mountains and marches even when at peace, leading to their great enmity, though it had waned somewhat since Dorne became a part of the Seven Kingdoms (III: 214)
  • Leo Longthorn is still remembered for his skill in tourney (III: 437)
  • After the Submission of Sunspear, the Young Dragon left the Lord of Highgarden to rule Dorne for him. He moved with his train from one keep to the next, chasing rebels and keeping the knees of the Dornishmen bent. It was his custom to turn the lords of the keeps he stayed in out of their chambers, to sleep in their place. One night, finding himself in a bed with a heavy velvet canopy, he pulled a sash near the pillows to summon a wench. When he did so, the canopy opened and a hundred red scorpions fell upon him. His death led to rebellion throughout Dorne, and in a fortnight all the Young Dragon had won was undone (III: 747)
  • In 211, reavers out of the Iron Islands were known to raid coastal villages of the Reach, and even the Arbor, under the auspices of Lord Dagon Greyjoy (TSS: 82, 83)
  • The great drought of 211 had left half the wells of the Reach dry and left all the rivers, even the Mander, running low (TSS: 83)
  • When King Gyles the Third, of House Gardener, ruled the Reach, he led his army east to fight the Storm King, only to have King Lancel the Fourth or the Fifth of the Rock attack him. He was met by Ser Wilbert Osgrey, whose House held the office of Marshalls of the Northmarch. Allegedly the two fought for half a day, until Ser Wilbert was nearly cut in half by Brightroar but was yet able to kill King Lancel with his dagger. The westermen gave up their expedition (TSS: 91)
  • Gold coins of the Kingdom of the Reach featured hand of the Gardners on one side and the face of a king on the other. An example from before the Conquest is said to show Garth the Twelfth (IV: 110)
  • When news arrived in Oldtown of the landing of Aegon and his sisters, the High Septon fasted and prayed for seven days and nights under the dome of the Starry Sept in Oldtown. He then announced that the Faith would take not oppose the Targaryens, because the Crone had shown him that to do so would mean the destruction of Oldtown in dragonflame. Lord Hightower, a pious man, kept his forces at Oldtown and would later freely open his gates to Aegon when he came to be anointed by the High Septon (IV: 421)
  • In ancient days, the ironborn would sail their ships up the Mander as far as Bitterbridge, plundering and reaving with impunity. This changed when the Gardeners armed the fisherfolk of the Shield Islands some two thousand years ago (IV: 431)
  • The ironborn have not dared to raid the Reach since the days of Dagon Greyjoy (IV: 474)
  • It was rumored that Leo Longthorn was rumored to be ill at the time that Lord Butterwell was wed (TMK: 674)
  • Mace Tyrell had sizeable host during the War of the Usurper, but a part of that was with Rhaegar (SSM: 1)