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6.2.17. Who is Septa Lemore?

Septa Lemore is a member of Griff’s company, brought from Westeros to teach Young Griff the doctrines of the Faith. However, Tyrion Lannister wonders about just who she is, as she’s an unorthodox septa, swimming nude and showing the stretch marks of someone who has carried a child. This has naturally led to speculation that “Lemore” may be an assumed identity. The most common suggestion is that Lemore is none other than Ashara Dayne, believed to have killed herself at the end of Robert’s rebellion.

The chief objection to this is Lemore’s age—said to be over 40—almost certainly does not fit, since in all likelihood Ashara Dayne was approximately the same age as Eddard Stark, give or take a year, and Ned was in his mid-thirties at the time of the novels. Besides that, Lemore’s eyes are never made any note of except in the general way in which Tyrion describes Lemore as more handsome than pretty. Ashara Dayne’s violet eyes were, on the other hand, quite famous, noted both in the story of the the Knight of the Laughing Tree and by Barristan Selmy. Short of Lemore using a glamor or some other art to hide her eye color, it seems very unlikely that her possession of violet eyes would have gone unremarked.

Feeling that Ashara Dayne is not a suitable candidate, the question is then, just who is she? One possibility is that she is, in fact, simply who she is: Septa Lemore, and that the only reason to doubt this is because Tyrion wonders. Another possibility that has been proposed is that she is in fact the mother of Tyene Sand, the daughter of Prince Oberyn Nymeros Martell by a septa he is said to have seduced. If this is the case, it would explain the signs of a past pregnancy, and would perhaps be the first indication of the Martells having had a part in the attempts to prepare Young Griff to unveil himself as Aegon. Contrary to that, however, are the clear signs that the Martells are utterly unaware of Young Griff and his alleged parentage, as well as the fact that Tyene’s mother was present in the Reach a decade or so ago.