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Tyrion’s Daughter and the Myraham

It's been bugging me for a while, so I have to ask... 1) Is Marei (the girl at Chataya's) Tyrion's daughter by Tysha (my only evidence is that she is about the right age, green eyes, and silver-blonde hair)?

If she was Tyrion's daughter, I'd hardly be likely to reveal it in a letter. Sorry.

2) Will we ever see the sea captain's daughter again? I am referring to the one that Theon was unkind to after having had his way with her.

Well, the MYRAHAM and its captain appear briefly in A STORM OF SWORDS. Beyond that I sayeth not...

3) Will you write more Dunk and Egg stories soon?

I want to. It's a matter of finding the time. Right now I have none.