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Several Questions

[Note: This mail has been edited for conciseness by removing opening and closing paragraphs]

At time I started I was getting so pissed with the fantasy genre after having lately read some terrible books I' sure you know the sort full of youngsters who's destiny it is to save the world overcoming insurmountable odds without a scratch.

There's some great work being done in fantasy by writers like Jack Vance, Robin Hobb, Guy Gavriel Kay, and others, but I fear that sometimes it gets lost amongst all the yardgoods and hackwork. I am glad I was able to revive your interest in the genre.

A Game of Thrones came as a breath of fresh air, while reading it I knew it was good but when I came to Ned's death I saw the series was going to be unlike any other I have read and may I say it's only getting better.

I hope it will continue to get better. Some days I have my doubts...

Anyway to business I was wondering if you could settle something for me while re-reading "The Hedge Knight" I got the impression (due to his blushes when questioned) that Dunk may never have been knighted by the old man. Can you shed any light on this for me please.

No, I can't. Sorry.

If I could ask you another question I had assumed that Theon Greyjon was killed by a fire maddened horse towards the end of A Clash of Kings and that the Boltons were lying when they claimed to have him but I have found from discussions on the messageboard A Song of Ice and Fire that many people hold a contrary view. Could you please clear this up either way (of course feel free to tell me to mind my own business without fear of causing offence).

Sorry, can't help you on this one either. Keep reading the books.

By the way I am rapidly heading for the privilege of a custom title on the aforementioned board you wouldn't have any ASOIAF related suggestions for a good title would you. I know I'm been cheeky but I had to ask since when am I going to get a chance to pick your brains.

I am not sure what you mean by a "custom title." A title from the books? There are a few in the volume I'm presently working on that readers haven't seen yet... a guy who calls himself King of the Mummers, frinstance... another one who is called Harry the Heir... these are informal titles, though, on a par with the Knight of Flowers or the Kingslayer, and so on...