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Questions About the Faceless Men

I wonder if I might ask you a question concerning your remarkable series.

You can always ask. I make no promises about answers...

Anyway to the purpose of my communication I am intrigued by the Faceless Men and was wondering if you could give any further info on them.

I will, but not in a letter. Keep reading the books.

I know I am not alone in this as my boyfriend tells me there is much speculation on the discussion board he uses that a good half a dozen characters may be Faceless Men or indeed the same Faceless Man.

Some of my readers have livelier imaginations than I do. Well, I won't comment, except to say that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

While I suspect we will learn move in future books are there any crumbs you could throw me in the meantime. I wonder about such points as whether they are an organised group a guild or secrete society if you will; or just a combined term for individuals possessed of the same type of skills. Are they purely assassins or do their interests go further.

Here's your crumb: they are very old, their interests go further, they originated in Valyria before the fall, and their core organizing principle is religious.

Are Faceless Men born or made, I suppose I mean do they need to posses some physical or mental attribute above and beyond the reflexes, balance, aptitude for killing one would expect of a skilled assassin. Could anyone possessing the requisite skills be a Faceless Man or is it a trade that is passed down in families.

It is passed down, but definitely not in families.

How long have Faceless Men been in existence.

Thousands of years, if their traditions can be believed. Longer than Braavos itself.

How long does it take to train as a Faceless Man, is the training formal taking place in some sort of academy, or, is it by way of apprenticeship. Basically could you tell me anything to curb my curiosity.

You'll need to wait for the next book to learn more.