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Philcon Plans and Phyllis Eisenstein

Hi George! This is Al, aka Trebla from Worldcon. I'd like to say that the Con was great and it was a real pleasure to meet you and Parris. You are both wonderful people.

I enjoyed meeting you folks as well, although sometimes I got the frightening feeling that you all know my books better than I do.


You did mention in Philly that you would be doing a reading in St. Louis. Do you know what day that would be?

Not as yet. Still waiting to get my schedule from the con. I might end up reading one of the same chapters I read in Philly, depending on how much an overlap there is in the audience. Or maybe not. I have just finished revising the two Cersei chapters I read at Philcon, by the way -- one of the good things about readings is that they allow me to see all the stuff I need to cut, change, or polish. At least one change I made is fairly substantive.

I will also be interviewing Robert Jordan in St. Louis, incidentally.

P.S. I met the Phyllis you dedicated A Storm of Swords to on my flight back to Chicago

That's Phyllis Eisenstein, a very dear friend and a fine fantasist in her own right, author of SORCERER'S SON, BORN TO EXILE, and some other terrific books. You should give them a try. Besides the dedication, there's a homage to Phyl in SOS if you're sharp enough to spot it...