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Portuguese Translations

No need to answer this, it's just to confirm that there are not any portuguese translations of your books.

Maybe in Brazil, but not in Portugal. The sf/fantasy translation market is not so big and many things don't get translated. Actually this was a huge incentive to make me want to read *whole* books in English when I was a teenager.

As it turns out, since you wrote me this letter, my agent has closed a deal for a Portugese translation of A GAME OF THRONES. It will be my first book-length appearance in Portugese. If the book does well enough, presumably the rest of the series will follow.

There's also a Spanish translation in the works, which will come out much sooner than the Portugese, since they have a long head start.

There are plenty more sf addicts reading in English in Portugal and there are definetely more people reading ASOIAF - I have since seen even more paperback copies of ACOK and AGOT which disapeared from the bookshops faster than recalled books, and have seen ASOS under this desk...

To tell the truth, I don't much care which language my readers read the books in... so long as they read them, enjoy them, and come back for more.

Let's hope I get a good translation.