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Touring and Hollywood Interest

I am coming to Europe twice... to the Netherlands in April, and the Czech Republic in June/July...

_A Game of Thrones_ is now uncontested #1 on the Internet Top 100 SF/Fantasy list, passing even the Lord of the Rings. First time that LotR has lost the position since about four editions into the list ... nearly 7 years ago.

That's pretty astonishing, considering the huge LOTR presence right now. Very gratifying. I hope I can hold on.

Have you seen _The Fellowship of the Ring_ movie yet? There are not a few fans curious as to your reaction to it, and whether you think it'll spell the beginning of a revival of major Hollywood fantasy projects. :)

I have seen the movie three times so far. I have quibbles, certainly... but all in all I thought it was magnificent, far and away the best fantasy film ever made.

As to whether it will mean a general revival of fantasy in Hollywood... well, we can hope. If they are all done as well as FELLOWSHIP, that would be exciting indeed, but I fear they won't be.

On a personal level, the studios aren't lining up to buy A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE yet, but it does look as though I am about to close a film deal on "The Skin Trade," and there is some interest in WILD CARDS as well.

The WILD CARDS revival is going very well, by the way. I just turned in the first new book, DEUCES DOWN, which is scheduled for publication this summer. Jim Steranko will do the cover, and Tim Truman the interior illustrations.