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UK Signing Tour (Glasgow, Scotland, UK)

Just a quick note. Nice turn out for George. Quite a few BwB people, and a few new-ish "members", people who knew about the boards and the BwB even if they haven't posted here much. It was just a signing, but after George was finished we went for dinner at Mr Singh's with the man himself and Rebecca (his minder on the tour). Got a chance to ask a couple of questions and take some pictures.

Q: Why were the older maps used for the UK editions?

A: The UK editions follow the US editions in this regard, and the decision was made to go with the older maps for the US editions. Not sure why.

Q: Are the clutch of eggs Illyrio gave to Dany the same as the clutch Quickfinger tried to steal (ref: Sworn Sword). i.e. Are they originally Targaryen eggs?

Q: Can the Faceless Men absorb the memories and personalitites of the peole they impersonate, or are they reliant on observation and mimicry?

A: The same to both questions.....keep reading :p

... Oh, one thing to mention, it was confirmed that GRRM expects ADwD to extend some time beyond the end of AFfC.


On the timeframe for ADwD, I believe the exact quote was that it may well extend to a few months beyond the end of AFFC, depending on how the writing pans out.