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So Spake Martin

US Signing Tour (Lexington, KY)

There was no reading, although he did talk for quite a bit (better part of an hour, I think, but I wasn't watching the clock) before he started signing. Seems like a real interesting person. Nothing really new discussed as far as Ice and Fire goes. Although there were a couple of interesting points I took notice of. (Some of this was probably known before, just not by me.)

Dunk and Egg: IIRC, he said he already has contracted with some outlet for the publishing of Dunk and Egg #3. He currently has in mind about 9 D&E stories, following them throughout their entire lives. Eventually he plans to plublish a compilation book(s) containing all D&E stories. (Said it would probably be 3 novels.)

DwD: I was suprised to hear how much work he still has ahead on DwD. He said he has approximately 500-600 manuscript pages, and intends to have 1100-1200 when finished. So, he's somewhere around %50 done, but he thinks it should all go very quickly. (And obviously he won't touch it until at least next month, since he's touring all this month.) Although he repeatily stated that he is not making any promises, and won't swear anything in blood, his goal is to have DwD out by next Christmas.

Names: The only surprise I had on name pronounciation was Brianne. I had always asuumed that it was pronounced like "Bree ann". There was once when Martin mentioned her, and I'm 99% sure he prounced it "Bree ann ee" (Note the prounced "E" at the end.) This may even be a common pronounciation, but it just suprised me.


Obviously I could have hear incorrectly, but here is what I heard. Three syllables. Frist one stressed, and rymes with "knee". Second sylable was very short, but sounded like "ann", and then the final e again would be sound as in "knee". So to me, it sounded basically like "BREE annie". Does that make a little more sense?

Also at this signing was the first time I had actually seen the other hardback books with the new covers. (I had previously seen the new paperbacks.) So I purchased GoT and SoS with the new covers, and got them signed as well. Unfortunately, when they ordered the new CoK, they were sent the old covers, so I still need to get my hands on one of those, if anyone sees them anywhere, let me know. Last time I check on Amazon, they were still showing the old cover for the hardback.

One other item I just remembered that caught my attention. George mentioned (I think even a couple of times), how he really hopes to try and keep the series to 7 books now, but he's not going to make any promises. Obviously I can understand, after everything that has happened, him not wanting to make any guarrantees, but the statement, and the way he said it, just struck me as odd. It just seemed that his resolve too keep the series from growing too large is quickly disolving. I would not be surpised at all to see it suprise 7 books.


So sorry for the scattered info. I can't remember right now about the outlet for the 3rd D&E story. I seem to recall him either mentioning that he was in talks with, or now in contract with someone for publication. He definately mentioned that the Legends series was now defunct, and there was no possibility of a Legends 3.

Another tidbit that I just remembered. Someone asked about the possibility of a compainion book for the ASoIaF world. GRRM mentioned that there wasn't one now. He said your best bet for now was the RPG manual, of which he showed a copy of the deluxe edition (which looked very nice). He talked about it for a few minutes, and said that even if you were not a gamer, you could simply ignore the game rules in the book and it made for very nice companion book, or compedium, if you will. He did specifically mention the possibilty of some type of companion book or compendium a couple of years down the road.

GRRM also had a quote about pizza / magic that was quite amusing. George talked about growning up in NJ, and how Pizza was the nice thin kind. Nice thin crust with cheese on it, and mabey a little pepperoni. Good stuff. Then he moved to Chicago (was it for school, mabey?). Anyhow, he talked about how there he was introduced to the pan style pizza. He said in particular, some of his running mates like "garbage pizza", which was basically a pizza with everything you could think of thrown on it. So one day he decided to try some garbage pizza. And it has a little anchovie on it. Hmm... he says... never had an anchovie. So he tries it. "Man that's good!". So, some days later, he is sitting around, studying or some such. Hmmm... a pie would be real good right about now, he thinks. So, remember how good that anchovie was, he orders up an anchovie pizza. Piled high, and covered with nothing but anchovies. Well, needless to say, it was the most discusting thing he ever ate. So, his conclusion was, that Magic is a log like Anchovies. A little bit will go a long way in making something interesting, while a lot will ruin something good.