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US Signing Tour (Petaluma, CA)

George RR Martin recieved the news that on the November 27th edition of the Bestseller list, Feast For Crows will be #1. He got that news just a few hours before his booksigning in Petaluma California, which I got to attend. Good news, he looked to be in very descent shape, full of vigor, and hopefully no where near kicking the bucket without finishing A Song of Ice and Fire.

I got the chance to ask George a question tonight, and I asked him what he thought of being called the American Tolkien in Time Magazine. He said he would like to take the person home, marry them and have thier children. He said it was the best compliment he'd ever heard and he was humbled by it.

Oh, one more thing, I am traveling to Texas this morning, so I'll be brief. My father is getting married on Saturday, but we held up leaving a day so that I could go to the signing. I took 3 teenage boys with me, they were the youngest there, but they had a great time. Alot of people there felt especially priviledged to know that this was the day that George first found out that he was the top selling author in the land. You could feel the excitement,and the humility there as well. George will be signing 200 books for the Webmaster here at terry brooks site for the Signed Page when he is in Seattle, and I also got to tell him that a great guy named Andreas (King Grub here) was the person that introduced me and many others here to a Song of Ice and Fire. George's comments on being Called "the American Tolkien" were fantastic too. Anyway, I had a great time.