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US Signing Tour (Half Moon Bay, CA)

We had some rather interesting discussions both of science fiction/fantasy in general, ASOIAF specifically and many other topics. Several notes:

1. George was asked "Will we find out more about Jon Snow's mother", his answer was "yes".

2. When asked if Maesters could earn multiple links in the same discipline, he said "yes".

3. WRT Dornish troop counts, that Dorne's strength in numbers varied from person to person. Tyrion might have one perspective, Daeron (the young king) another, and Oberyn Martell a third. Each POV is of course right in his/her own mind, and the reader must judge who has the best info. I'll vote for Doran Martell on this one, rather than Tyrion.

4. A very young child asked if Brienne and Tyrion would make a good couple, which George answered "no". My comment: "Can you imagine a four foot tall dwarf in bed with a 6'6" giantess?"...probably not.