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US Signing Tour (Huntington Beach, CA)

The conflicting reports of Dornish numbers (Tyrion's estimate vs. AFFC) are due to rumors and inflation. Highgarden remains the most powerful, with plenty of soldiers in peasants. Conversely, Winterfell is pretty spread out population-wise.

I asked him two questions while he signed my books.

A group of people who routinely student the human body would surely notice a crossdresser in their midst, right?

...not necessarily.

Some of the female members of hte BWB would like to know if there are any upcoming steamy scenes with svelte, good looking men.

(pieceing together from memory here) Maybe. Do you mean just with a good looking man? Or maybe with a pretty lady...or two? A person who attended a signing in New York asked me if there would be any boy on boy action. We'll see. I do like the steamy scenes, so if there is enough of a demand...

George also said he would only consider a ASOIF video game if it was with a stable company with honest dealings--he wouldn't just give the rights to anyone. Also, although he admitted he wasn't a gamer, he wanted the gameplay to be a good system.

"No first person shooter in Westeros where the player is a knight, and then he walks around and meets another knight and KILLS the other knight, and then he meets a maiden and rapes her...No Grand Theft Auto in Westeros."

To which a fellow boarder responded, "No 'Travels of Gregor' then?"