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US Signing Tour (Denver, CO)

The event room was, so i was told by staff, set up with 300 seats and it was standing room only when I showed up a bit after 7:00pm. George was an amazing speaker, very funny, very warm and had the crowd laughing and cheering. He seemed to be in good spirits, though he did make mention of his hand turning gangrenous after this book tour and about to fall off.

He asked for questions and, being the uber-dorkwad that I am, I shoot my arm way up. He picked me first and I sorta went "oh fuck, he picked ME - what do i say now?" So, like asking Santa for a football I don't really want, I popped out with "Is Dunk and Egg III done"? Heh. I'm sure I was the cause of much eye rolling and internal groans - Sorry! I haven't been reading all the signing threads...oops. Anyway, he said, "no, not yet."

I don't know how he does it, but he remembered me from the KC con when I came up. I'd had "nova" written down on the little post-its they were handing out and he asked me if I wanted it signed the whole novaspud. I died a happy little geek death right there. He asked me if I was coming to LA. and I assured him I was, dying a bit more. heh.

The second time around, the place was much more cleared out so I went ahead with Sarah's suggestion that I give George a kiss from her (this is from Sarah, a BwBer, she was at your signing in hair, magnificent cleavage). Here you go, babe, I'm passing it on to you. I also told him that Relic from NYC said "hi" and he remembered our Wolfbrotherrelic, talking about what a crazy-huge signing that was. Then he mentioned the signing in the Bay area and that he was glad to see Lodey, Caress, Bronn and everyone there. (Parris, I asked George to give you a hug from me, but since he's seen thousands of dorks just like me over the last few weeks, I'm sending it to you here as well. You know, just in case.)