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US Signing Tour (Denver, CO)

Most of the questions that got asked were ones like, is your favorite character also your favorite POV to write? (Tyrion, and yes!) Map questions, and questions about the next book.

I did get called on, way in the back (which is impressive since I could barely see the man from my seat!) And asked why Aerys had demanded the heads of Robert and Ned, and how that fit in with what we already know. He said that Aerys had already killed Brandon and Rickard, and saw Robert and Ned as threats. Also, that Robert was known as a strong warrior and was Ned's best friend, and also had a strong claim to the throne. He then corrected that by saying he had a claim to the throne. The idea behind demanding the heads as wards, is that they were not surrounded by their own men, but Arryn men. Jon could have just handed them over, and then there would be no story. But we know he didn't, which allowed Robert and Ned to go home and call their banners, and then Aerys had a problem.

I also asked about the Darkstar who interested me a lot in AFFC. (I'm not calling him a favorite, because all of my other favorites have been killed). George said that he is from a lesser branch of the Daynes. Cousin to Edric, Arthur and Ashara. He has his own castle somewhere and does not reside at Starfall.