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So Spake Martin

Future meetings, POVs, Arya’s role, Eastern lands, and Assassins

[Will Sandor and Sansa meet?]

Why, the Hound is dead, and Sansa may be dead as well. There's only Alayne Stone.

[More POVs?]

Sigh. Yes. More in DANCE than I intended.

[Arya's future role in the series?]

No comment.

[Will POVs see any of the places to the east like Yi Ti, Asshai, etc.?]

Some, perhaps. I do not subscribe to the theory put forth in THE ROUGH GUIDE TO FANTASYLAND (a swell book, by the way) that eventually the characters must visit every place shown on The Map.

[Where are Bayasabhad, Shamyriana, and Kayakayanaya located? Will the warrior maids play a role?]

North and east of Vaes Dothrak. I don't anticipate their inhabitants playing a major role in this story.

[Are the Faceless Men and Sorrowful Men associated in any way?]

No. Very different views of what they do.

[Future meeting between Daenerys and Jon Snow?]

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