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Erikson, Rothfuss, and Forums

[GRRM is asked about Steven Erikson.]

I met Erikson last year in Saratoga at the World Fantasy Con. He seemed to be a nice fellow, but I haven't read any of his books yet, alas. No judgment there. There's too many books and too little time. A lot of my fans seem to like the Malazan series, though, and I imagine I will get to it eventually.

I do read other fantasists all the time. I've raved about Scott Lynch and Daniel Abraham on my website. Right now I'm reading the first novel by a guy named Patrick Rothfuss, and enjoying it hugely, though I have some quibbles with the structure.

[Does GRRM read any fan forums?]

I am aware of such forums, certainly, but I try to avoid them.

[If GRRM does read speculations on fan forums, is he tempted to change things in the story to make sure everyone remains surprised?]

And this is one of the big reasons WHY I avoid them.