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Elstercon (October 6-8)

[Note: The report concerning two new WILD CARDS books is confirmed in an e-mail here.]

There are gonna be two new WILD CARDS books, as well as reissuing some of the oldies.

And about A Dance with Dragons, Martin said that he could easily put in a new PoV character, but he probably won't, because it'll make the book thicker, and he has to make ADwD thinenr than ASoS.

... Martin said A Storm of Swords was on the Limit of how large a book can get. So it just CAN'T be any thicker.

And I'm pretty sure Martin's gonna edit the Wild Cards book, probably with Snodgras's help.

He also said he has 200 pages of an unfinished Historical Horror novel that are gonna be published at some sort of an anthology in the near future.