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LFCC Diary: Finn Jones

Just like his alter ego, the Knight of Flowers, Finn Jones is a very passionate, energetic individual.

Understandably, the fans are really pleased with his enthusiasm; he does get carried away while chatting, and I could hear him utter the “F-word” more than once (tee-hee!) His slender frame and that mop of quasi-alive curly blondish hair are quite striking, even more so with him sitting close to the mighty Kristian Nairn.

When my turn comes, Finn’s hand darts towards mine and shakes it effusively. A quick smile. Bright eyes. It shows today’s just the first day of the Con. I check my recording device (or “Phone”, as I am fond of calling it), like this:


Marino: OK, let’s try this… Hello?

Finn stretches his body from the other side of the table and with the grace of a shadowcat starts throwing words at the device.

FINN: Hello? One-two, one-two!

“Man, he speaks fast,” I find myself thinking. I wish the few thousand people around would lowered their voices a few decibels, but since it seems unlikely, I ready my ears and buckle up to fight Ser Loras Tyrell in the merciless arena of light-speed-interviewing.

Marino: Finn, thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions. We didn’t get to see much of you last season, but Loras is in a difficult place right now with his wedding looming on the horizon and all the politicking. How is he faring?

FINN: Well, from my point of view… I haven’t seen the scripts for Season 5 yet so I don’t know what to think. As an actor you can have all these ideas of how you think a character should be, but until the writers write you what you are meant to think, you don’t really know. From my perspective, Loras is pissed off. He is PISSED OFF. He is pissed off with everything; he is pissed off that he has to marry Cersei… He is just pissed off. And I can imagine seen him quite hot-headed in Season 5, but again I don’t know what the scripts say so I don’t know what to think, I don’t know what Loras thinks just yet.

Finn revels in the words “PISSED OFF”, which are the only ones pronounced somewhat more slowly. Did I mention he speaks fast? I’m so glad this is not a listening test!

Marino: You mentioned Cersei, your bride-to-be. She is pretty much in a similar predicament, her being forced married to Loras. Why do you think Loras and Cersei do not seem to find common ground?

Finn nods energetically and stares at me while I speak, his brow ever so slightly furrowed, as if he were measuring my words so that he may more effectively OBLITERATE them with a barrage of his own. This is wordfighting against a knight!

FINN: Well, that’s an interesting question, and again I don’t know because I haven’t read the scripts. I actually think If Loras and Cersei did have some scenes together and they were to spend some time together they’d find they have a lot in common and I think they’d kind of want to, dare I say, like each other, but that’s just my perspective.

Marino: Loras’ sister Margaery Tyrell may become queen soon. Is Loras interested in politics at all?

FINN: Hmmm. It’s a difficult one. I think Loras is a fighter, so he’s got instinct to survive. I don’t think he cares AT ALL about the Iron Throne. He doesn’t care about it. What he does care about is his and his family’s survival, so he’ll do whatever he can to ensure that. If that means to play the game of thrones then he’ll do it, but I don’t necessarily think he actually cares about doing it for his own agenda.

Marino: So do you see Loras getting all “hot-headed” as you said and marching into some battle just to feel useful?

Finn gets all exalted. Man, I secretly hope he does not suddenly produce a sword and challenges someone to a duel. Like Naruto behind me!

FINN: Yeah, maybe, who knows! I can definitely see him doing that. He is a FIGHTER, he wants to go OUT; he wants to FIGHT; he wants to be BRAVE; he wants to be “THE KNIGHT”, so I can imagine him just staying around in King’s Landing in…bloody costumes, marrying some woman he is not even into… God! He must be like…a kid wanting to have sex for the first time!!! He just wants to go out and kill some people! <*pounds one fist against the palm of the other hand*> So yeah, I can see that tension rising and building up.

Marino: You worked really close with Gethin Anthony in previous seasons, and your chemistry really showed, but Renly is no more. What are your recollections about your time together?

FINN: Yeah, Gethin’s a legend! He’s actually appearing tomorrow, I haven’t seen him in a while so it will be great to see him. I love working with Gethin; he is a really great, really generous and really thoughtful actor… I guess it was really lucky that we just hit off straight away. Sometimes you do scenes with other people, intimate scenes, and you don’t really match; I’m not talking in a sexual sense but just in a “friends sense”, as a human being to human being. And me and Gethin we just clicked, and yeah, you are right: that shows. I’d love to work with Gethin again some time. He is a wicked actor!

Marino: If it were up to you, what would you write for Loras next?

Finn rolls his eyes and smiles mischievously like a lil’ Baratheon kid on Christmas Day or whatever they have in Westeros. I’ll check it out in Westeros.org. Maybe.

FINN: Oh my Goooood! Oh, so much cool shit! Oh, let me think… <*to himself*> OK, so where’s he now…? I’d like so many things! I’d like him to get married to Cersei, because I’d like to explore that relationship. I’d also like him to have more stuff with Nikolaj [Coster-Waldau] ‘cause I also want to explore that relationship… I just don’t know! There’s so much stuff you can do with Loras; there’s so much of his character that hasn’t been untapped, and he is such an interesting character. I’d like just to explore him more, you know? See what gets him ticking! Just really get inside his head. Man, there’s so much stuff you don’t know shit!

Marino: You know HBO is now coming to shoot “A Game of Thrones” in Spain too, and we are pretty excited about that. How about sending a greeting to Spanish fans?

FINN: Ooooh yeah! I love Spain! Ibiza is like a second home to me. I love the Balearic Islands; Spain is a beautiful place. Hello Spain! It’s really exciting we are going over there to film. I really hope that it boosts your economy and it does great things for everyone who lives and works there.


Marino: Finn, thank you very much, it’s been a pleasure!

Gotta run, gotta run, or I’ll miss someone doing something somewhere else!

FINN: [Thank you very much!]

Mr. Jones waves his hand, but his farewell words are drowned by the loud and cheerful hubbub of the con. When I look back, he is already engaged in a surely energetic chat with Naruto. And The Joker. And there’s Wonder Woman too.

On Sunday I got the chance to get up close(r) and personal(errr) with Ser Loras. We opted for a classical, distinguished pose. As anyone can attest, our stern countenances exquisitely convey our restrained natures, all that savoir-faire, as you can see in the accompanying photo. And there was no shouting at all, no sir.

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Marino Santirso is a biped hailing from Northern Spain who writes, translates and edits words for companies such as… can’t really tell you. He collaborated in the Spanish edition of “A Dance with Dragons” and is in charge of the Spanish versions of the “A Game of Thrones” LCG and board games. He loves Dorne because “Ser Arthur Dayne had a magic sword” and “OMG the Red Viper is almost a Maester!” He also likes to stick his finger into béchamel sauce when no one is watching and won’t probably be allowed to write anything else for anyone else anywhere ever. He is a gentle soul; please handle with care.