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Rorge and Biter Confirmed

After leading fans on a brief but merry chase through the internet regarding the identity of Biter, George R.R. Martin has now confirmed both actors. As previously reported, Andy Beckwith is indeed Rorge… but Biter is, I admit, a bit of a surprise to me just in terms of appearance. Cast in the role is Gerard Jordan, who (among other things) met former President Bill Clinton when he was younger (hence Martin’s remark at the end that it was good that the “big dog”—refererring to Clinton’s nickname—was not bitten).

Jordan can seen below, as Ray in the short film Big Mistake

Scratch that. WICnet pointed out that, as hard as it may be to believe, there’s more than one actor from Ireland named Gerard Jordan. Who’d have thought it? This is the best photo found of the actor in question. He certainly looks a bit tougher than the other actor we noted, and should transform into the hideous Biter without too much difficulty.