The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' Domain


Ice and Fire App is Coming

Mashable has the exclusive news that explains just what this was about: Random House is publishing an official companion app for the A Song of Ice and Fire series, beginning with A Game of Thrones and including additional content to go through the rest of the series to date.

Winter is Coming ... Soon

It’ll be hitting the Apple iTunes app store tomorrow (November 27th), while a version for the Nook (not Android, as the Mashable piece says) is coming in the near future. A demo version will be available to just give you a taste of the entries, which cover characters and places, and includes interactive maps to help orient you. It’s all quite lovingly put together… and as you may notice from the lead image, it seems there will, indeed, be art to accompany entries (those two particular pieces of art are by the amazing Michael Komarck for the sadly-hard-to-get Dabel Brothers 2009 A Song of Ice and Fire calendar).

It may not be quite so exhaustive as the Citadel or the Wiki of Ice and Fire, but it looks to be perfectly tuned to those who want a mobile-friendly, reader-friendly companion that you can have right next to you (if you’re reading a dead-tree edition) or on the very same device (if reading digitally). So, keep an eye out tomorrow for the appearance of the World of Ice and Fire app!