The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' Domain


First Glimpse at 2022 Calendar

A few days ago, Random House and George R.R. Martin revealed the A Song of Ice and Fire 2022 Calendar (affiliate link), which will be illustrated—and gloriously so, by the looks of it—by Spanish artist Arantza Sestayo. As has become a tradition with these calendars, it will feature 12 paintings for each month, plus a bonus, double-page image to make 13 in total.

The calendar will be published on July 27th, but pre-orders are now available

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Sestayo’s work has been featured in the annual Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art since 2012, and in fact appears to have a contribution in all but one of the releases since then, including the most recent Spectrum 27. Looking at her site and reading about her, what’s striking is her ability to move fluidly through different mediums (oils, watercolors, pencils) and with distinctive styles. It’ll be very interesting to see whether the calendar will be all in one medium and style or whether Sestayo and Random House choose to explore presenting a variety.