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Dark Sword Miniatures Adds Targaryens

Dark Sword Miniatures, one of the longest-running license-holders for works related to A Song of Ice and Fire, has surprised us by revealing that legendary miniature sculptor Tom Meier has added to the George R.R. Martin Masterworks series by sculpting Aegon the Conqueror and his sisters Visenya and Rhaenys.

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Aegon Targaryen, the Conqueror, as sculpted by Tom Meier and painted by Anne Foerster.

As fans may know, collecting miniatures is one of GRRM’s favorite hobbies, which led to the Masterworks series that now has north of 150 distinct sculptures depicting many of the characters from the novels, as well as Dunk and Egg, and now the Conqueror and his sisters from The World of Ice and Fire and Fire and Blood. It will be very interesting indeed if they proceed to go through the Targaryen kings… and the notable figures of the Dance of the Dragons, the era being adapted to the screen by HBO’s House of the Dragon. And perhaps some standa-alone dragon sculptures? Though the whole scale issue may be a problem…