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10,000 Ships in Development at HBO

Deadline Hollywood has the scoop: Amanda Segel (Person of Interest, Helstrom) is tackling 10,000 Ships, one of several Game of Thrones successor-shows that HBO has in the works according to reports from March. This project would feature Princess Nymeria, the legendary leader of the Rhoynar who led them from their flight from the conquering Valyrians and their dragons and ultimately established a new home when she wed Lord Mors Martell and unified Dorne. Notably, due to the death of many the men among the Rhoynar in Garin’s war, Nymeria’s fleet of ships was dominated by women, suggesting this show’s cast would be the most likely to be predominantly-female.

Most of what we know regarding Nymeria and the Rhoynar comes from our own The World of Ice and Fire (affiliate link).

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Nearly 4 years ago, Linda and I discussed possible ideas for successor shows, and as it happens one of our favorites was the idea of a show focused on Nymeria and the 10,000 ships. Here’s that video:

Obviously, the idea here is that Segel will likely work with other writers to develop a pilot script, a bible (providing details of characters, overarching story, etc.) and perhaps a proposed breakdown of the first season. There’s no guarantee this will go to series at this stage, but it’s further proof that HBO is very serious about pursuing different ways to explore the Ice and Fire universe.