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HBO Developing The Sea Snake with Bruno Heller, Other Projects

Last night (for us here in Sweden, in any case), Deadline added to our knowledge of the projects HBO is actively considering as part of a greater Game of Thrones-universe of successor shows. This appears to bring the total of shows in development to five or six, from what we’ve been told, including work on The Tales of Dunk and Egg, an unspecified animated project, a possible Robert’s Rebellion show (which we still think may be the A Song of Ice and Fire project mentioned by Vince Gerardis’s Startling Inc. website) and the three that follow:

  • 9 Voyages, or The Sea Snake, in development with Rome-creator Bruno Heller, which would presumably be predominantly an adventurous series focused on the young Corlys Velaryon’s famous sea voyages.
  • 10,000 Ships, about the flight of the Rhoynar from Essos and their long journey under the leadership of Princess Nymeria. No writers currently attached.
  • Flea Bottom, about the notorious district in King’s Landing. No writers currently attached.
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A legendary ice dragon in the Shivering Sea. Corlys Velaryon is never claimed to have seen one on his own attempt to sail as far north as men can, but other sailors have.

The Flea Bottom one is a surprise. There’s a couple of angles that might make sense to us, because they could tie to other series: you could feature a young Davos Seaworth, who was a native of Flea Bottom, or a young Dunk before he becomes Ser Duncan the Tall, or even set it in the period around when Daemon Targaryen (of House of the Dragon) became Commander of the City Watch and established the gold cloaks in their present form. Alternatively, this could also be a kind of evolution of George R.R. Martin’s Spear Carriers pitch which HBO did not care for the first time around, but perhaps they’ve found a hook—in which case Flea Bottom could actually be set during the events of Game of Thrones, unveiling the impact of what was happening to the common people of the city.

Or it could be something else entirely. To be frank, our own idea for a show focused on a vertical slice of classes in a single city was something set in Braavos…

Amusingly enough, the other two concepts were mused about by ourselves four years ago when we did a pair of videos following news that HBO was actively seeking successors. Corlys Velaryon, his voyages, and the story of the Rhoynar and their years of wandering before reaching Dorne were first revealed in our A World of Ice and Fire, so these ideas are particularly appealing to us!

Linked below are the two ideas when we discussed them four years ago, first on the Corlys Velaryon show idea and then on the Nymeria idea: