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RIP John Jos. Miller

Sad news today, when it was announced that John Jos. Miller had passed away on January 5th. He was 67 years old.  A long-time friend and collaborator with George R.R. Martin and other members of the Wild Cards Consortium, Miller was a founding member of the Wild Cards group and extended his influence into the RPGs from which that shared universe sprang by writing Wild Cards source books for Steve Jackson Games and Green Ronin.

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A vintage photo of Wild Cards writers in the wild, wearing t-shirts featuring some of their signature characters. From left to right: John Jos. Miller, his wife Gail Gerstner-Miller, Walter Jon Williams, and GRRM.

Linda and I only met with John a couple of times, first as the Glasgow Worldcon and then at a couple of social occasions at the Anaheim Worldcon, but in all those encounters he was a delight to speak with, a fan of comics, roleplaying games, science fiction, and baseball (his last published story is about the great Negro league pitcher and Hall of Famer Satchel Paige) who loved interacting with fans.

In November, Tor republished his Wild Cards novel Death Draws Five.

His Wild Cards colleague and frequent collaborator, Stephen Leigh, posted the following remarks to his Facebook page: