The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' Domain


Fan Animated Ice and Fire Project

We occasionally highlight really great, A Song of Ice and Fire-inspired fan works, and we’re happy to bring attention to the asoiafanimated instagram where a team of Italian animators led by professional animator Giovanni Ariutti. We have a very brief tease, but you should check the Instagram for a longer trailer, with music and all, and that in turn is leading to something even more substantial on August 23rd. See the teaser below, and the full details of the team working on the project:

Over the past 4 years, Giovanni Ariutti, 2D professional animator at Boulder Media has been carrying out a very ambitious project! As a huge fan of G.R.Martin’s books, he decided to make an animated short trailer that paid tribute to the adventures of Game of Thrones! To do this he involved a large team of professional colleagues in the world of animation who, working in their free time and in work breaks, made sure that even if short, the clip shone in the highest possible quality! Who knows, maybe one day it can turn into a real cartoon TV series ?! We just have to wait until 23/08!

Members of the project team:

Giovanni Ariutti (Director, Art Director, Animation Director, character Design, Concept Art, Post Production)
IG page

Marco Bambina (Storyboarder, Background Art, Concept Art)
IG page

Giuseppe dell’Olio (Storyboard Artist)
IG page

Federico Chericoni (2D Animation)
IG page

Lorenzo Sabia (2D Animation)
IG page

Chrystian Cattaneo ( 2D Animation)
IN page

Gustavo Garcia Faller (2D and FX Animation)
IG page

Matteo Gamberoni (Post Production)
IG page

Patrizia Pugliese (Post Production)
IG page

Andreia Silva (Post Production)
IG page

Marco Marini (Original Soundtrack)
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Luca Centofanti (Concept Art)
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