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Wrapping Up on House of the Dragon Season 1

As they say, the best laid plans of mice and men… but at last we finished our promised season 1 overview/discussion of House of the Dragon, which you can see here:

We’ve some other odds and ends to discuss, such as an extra video we did discussing the finale after Elio’s return from Spain, and a podcast Elio recorded for the Boiled Leather Audio Hour podcast, details about which you can find below!

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Arrax approaching Storm’s End.

For our previous video, discussing the finale, see below. Note that we had some audio issues, which we think we’ve finally hammered out for future videos.

Finally, last but not least, while in Cáceres, Spain for their City of Dragons event to gather House of the Dragon fans an content-creators from throughout Europe (and even beyond!), I had the pleasure of being invited by Stefan Sasse of Boiled Leather to join him and academic Matteo Barbagallo to discuss the finale and our thoughts on the season as a whole. It was a fun conversation, and a fun event in a beautiful medieval city! You can find the podcast here!