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Marvel Revisits Wild Cards

An interesting piece of news via The Hollywood Reporter, as it reveals that Marvel is adapting the first volume of Wild Cards, with the writing work being handled by Wild Cards veteran Paul Cornell and the art by Mike Hawthorne. Titled Wild Cards: The Drawing of the Cards, the first issue will be released in June.

Of course, this is not the first time Marvel has dabbled with Wild Cards...


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Back in 1990, Marvel’s Epic imprint published a four-issue Wild Cards series, written by Lewis Shiner and adapting stories from across the than-extant volumes of the Wild Cards by the likes of Melinda Snodgrass, Walter Jon Williams, the late John J. Miller, Walt Simmons, Howard Waldrop, and of course GRRM himself. Art was provided by a bevy of artists, most notably Barry Kitson and Butch Guice.  This new series will be devoted to the very first Wild Cards anthology… and, speculatively, the fact that they’ve given it a new subtitle suggests the door is open for more such adaptations from Marvel Comics.