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HBO Exec on House of the Dragon and Other Projects

A sit-down with various media outlets has provided some fresh information from Casey Bloys, HBO’s and HBO Max’s chief content officer, regarding the future of the Game of Thrones franchise, from the release date of House of the Dragon to the status of a number of projects in development. While there’s nothing really concrete, the one thing Bloys committed to is that House of the Dragon is definitely airing this year, but that the conversation has only just now started thanks to the show officially wrapping.

We’ll provide a brief bullet point of the main information that came out of the interview with Bloys:

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  • As noted, while Bloys won’t commit to more than a 2022 date for the airing of House of the Dragon, he is willing to say that fans should “soon” start seeing more glimpses at the show as the marketing and promotion starts to ramp up.
  • Bloys says they aren’t ready to announce a second season renewal, but thinks it “a good bet”.
  • Various other projects in development10,000 Ships, 9 Voyages of the Sea Snake, Dunk & Egg—are still in development,  and some of them are looking quite good. Bloys underscores that they will only go forward with projects they believe in, and have no quota for how many spin-offs hit the air.
  • Previously mooted animated projects, as many as three, are really in an “embryonic” stage and Bloys doesn’t believe they even have writers attached.