Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Experience Points

Experience points (XP) have now been retroactively awarded to all current players at a rate of 2 XP per month that their oldest player object has existed. These XP belong to the player pool. This means that once the tools have been coded, players will be able to transfer these between alts. Additional XP for OOCly helping out on the game have not yet been awarded, but we hope to get to that soon.

Furthermore, the cron job has been started that will award the weekly allotment of XP for the character pool. This allotment will happen each Sunday and will only be awarded to those who have connected within the last 7 days counting from the time that the cron runs on Sunday. This allotment will be 1 XP per week except for every 4th week when it will be 2 XP.

Your current XP totals can be seen on your sheet (+cdb/view me/sheet). The first number represents the total current XP and the numbers in the parenthesis represent the character pool and the player pool.