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Interested in a Dornish Character?

We are not quite ready yet to start accepting actual requests for Dornish characters, but in order to simplify one of the problems, we have decided to see if we can find out how much interest there is in Dornish characters and what sort of family trees players are interested in seeing expanded.

The situation with the family trees is such that we will not be able to make complete family trees for all the Dornish houses. With just 16 known houses, everyone would be far too interconnected for it to be realistic. It would also lead to an awkward situation if GRRM provides more Dornish house names later on, as these would end up too separated from the others. Given this, we have decided to only complete family trees for a selection of the Dornish houses. Character choices will largely be limited to these houses, as it is too awkward to have players play characters from incomplete houses where you may not have the names of your parents or know if you have any siblings or not.

Keeping this in mind, we would like to ask everyone (current players as well as prospective players) the following questions:

1) Are you planning to apply for a Dorne-based character? If so, is it likely to be a Dornish character or a character from elsewhere in Westeros that is there as part of Daeron’s forces? In both cases, it has to be a character that can be based in Sunspear.

2) Is there a character in the family trees already that you are interested in? If so, feel free to name the character, but this is not necessary, and does not constitute a reservation of that character. We may allow for reservations once we’ve seen what sort of interest there is, however.

3) Which Dornish houses would you like to see fleshed out?

4) Do you have any suggestions for specific characters/concepts to add to the houses?

Answer on the forum, via +mail or email to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). The current family trees can be found at and if you could help with descing Dorne (which would greatly speed up when we can open), please see