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House Martell of Sunspear

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General Information

The Blood of Dragons specific information for this house is under construction. However, if you scroll down, you will find the family tree for this house.

General information about House Martell from the books.

Family Tree

  • Marence Nymeros Martell (b. 133), Lord of Sunspear, Prince of Dorne, sojourning for a time at Starfall following a poisoning that weakened mind and body,
    • his first wife, {Lady Tristana of House Jordayne} (b. 132), dead in childbed (d. 154),
      • Princess Mariah (b. 150), once heir to Sunspear, betrothed to Prince Daeron Targaryen (b. 153),
        • Elicia Yronwood (b. 125), tutor to Princess Mariah,
        • Ameline Santagar (b. 141), Ser Emeric's sister, a lady-in-waiting to Princess Mariah,
        • Matilda Wells (b. 140), a lady-in-waiting to Princess Mariah,
        • Rachelle Qorgyle (b. 146), once a companion to {Cordelia Yronwood} (b. 142, d. 157), and now a lady-in-waiting to Princess Mariah,
        • Mairona Santagar (b. 142), a lady-in-waiting to Princess Mariah,
        • Lyra Wyl (b. 142), a lady-in-waiting to Princess Mariah,
      • Prince Maron (b. 152), heir to Sunspear,
      • {Princess Vanora} (b. 154), who did not long outlive her mother (d. 155),
    • his second wife, {Lady Cordelia of House Yronwood} (b. 142), died in childbed (d. 157),
      • Prince Malor (b. 157),
    • his siblings:
      • Prince Cadan (b. 136), formerly a hostage at the Red Keep, m. Lady Senara Santagar (b. 136), heir to Spottswood,
        • Cadan's daughter, Leyla (b. 155),
        • Cadan's son, Aron (b. 165),
        • Cadan's paramour, {Allia of Lys} (b. 135), killed by a viper (d. 163),
        • Senara's lady-in-waiting, Aslia Wyl (b. 141),
      • Prince Rhodry (b. 138), an infamous knight, captured on the Boneway and held hostage until war's end, betrothed to Tanyth Toland (b. 140),
        • his paramour, {Ser Corentyn Yronwood} (b. 136), a renowned knight, killed on the Boneway (d. 157),
        • his bastard son, Lewyn Sand (b. 153), claimed as his own though rumored to be of uncertain paternity, page to Ser Aidan Dayne (b. 140), a famous knight called the Knight of the Twilight,
      • Princess Ariana (b. 145), formerly a hostage at the Red Keep, m. Ser Farien Yronwood (b. 147), heir to Yronwood,
        • Lilah Gargalen (b. 139), her chatelaine,
        • Azalais Dayne (b. 142), a lady-in-waiting,
    • his mother, {Princess Coryanne} (b. 115), twin to Qyle, Lady of Sunspear, Princess of Dorne, killed by a fall (d. 147),
      • her paramour, Ser Manfryd Qorgyle (b. 118), Ser Quinlan's nephew, a famous knight called the Merciful, imprisoned at Ghaston Grey by the order of Prince Marence and freed at the order of King Daeron,
    • his widowed father, Ser Quinlan Qorgyle (b. 99), Lord Protector of Dorne,
    • his aunt, uncles, and cousins:
      • {Prince Gaynor} (b. 109), heir to Sunspear, killed during a skirmish with pirates off the Stepstones (d. 129), m. Lady Tamsyn Toland (b. 114),
      • {Princess Aliandra} (b. 113), Lady of Sunspear, Princess of Dorne (d. 140),
      • {Prince Qyle} (b. 115), twin to Coryanne (d. 137),
      • {Ser Bastian Sand} (b. 114), called the Bastard of Sunspear, killed at the Battle of Hellholt (d. 157), m. Adara Ladybright (b. 122),
        • Bastian's son, Ser Brys Sand (b. 140),
        • Bastian's son, Blane Sand (b. 144), a student at the Citadel,
        • Bastian's daughter, Alara Sand (b. 147),
        • Bastian's son, Devlin Sand (b. 152), a novice of the Faith,
        • Bastian's daughter, Morna Sand (b. 154), promised to the Faith,
    • other kin:
      • Lyrella (b. 114), his mother's cousin, m. Lord Guerin Wyl (b. 113),
        • (See House Wyl),
    • his household:
      • Farien Yronwood (b. 147), his squire, heir to Yronwood,
      • Maester Renfred (b. 112), a counselor, healer, and tutor,
      • Ser Perros Blackmont (b. 100), seneschal of Sunspear,
      • Lord Neilyn Toland (b. 136), Lord of Ghost Hill, Keeper of the Tower of the Sun,
      • Ser Laurent Dalt (b. 136), called the Sand Dog, formerly castellan of the Planky Town, now Keeper of the Sandship,
      • Margaid Blackmont (b. 123), Ser Perros's daughter, Keeper of the Spear Tower,
      • Caitrin Blackmont (b. 142), called Spearlover, Ser Perros's grand-daughter, under-seneschal,
      • Elysa Dayne (b. 136), assistant to the Keeper of the Tower of the Sun,
      • {Ser Godry Gargalen} (b. 120), captain of the guards, killed in battle by Ser Galfrid Velaryon (d. 158),
      • {Ser Warren Ladybright} (b. 127), called the War Hound, a famed knight, captain of the guards, killed by Ser Almer Connington at Godsgrace (d. 161),
      • Ser Valerin Dayne (b. 133), Ser Robin's son, captain of the guards,
      • Ser Ulwyn Uller (b. 100), former master-at-arms,
        • Ulwyn's bastard son, Ser Selwyn Sand (b. 126), a household knight.
        • Ulwyn's bastard son, {Ser Dylan Sand} (b. 130), a household knight of Sunspear slain before Godsgrace (d. 157),
        • Ulwyn's bastard daughter, Alyx Sand (b. 139), called the Witch, once an outlaw and paramour to Ser Rhys of the Scourge,
        • Ulwyn's bastard daughter, Jinny Sand (b. 145), called the Little Witch, the terror of the squires of Sunspear,
      • Warryn Sand (b. 115), a man of unpleasant reputation, chief gaoler,
      • Ser Emeric Santagar (b. 137), a household guard,
      • Ser Lancelyn Wyl (b. 141), a distant cousin, a household guard,
      • Ser Lucimore Blackmont (b. 125), Ser Perros's son, a household guard and an officer of the Threefold Gate,
      • Eveline Vaith (b. 133), an under-seneschal,
      • Alyna Fowler (b. 132), assistant to the Keeper of the Sandship,
      • Godric Allyrion (b. 150), a squire.
    • officials, officers, and retainers of Sunspear:
      • Ser Robin Dayne (b. 92), called the Gross, Lord Shariff of Sunspear,
      • Orivel Dayne (b. 135), Ser Robin's son, called Shortfoot, a justiciar,
      • Coran Wyl (b. 132) ,heir to Wyl, a justiciar,
      • Ser Gil of Shandystone (b. 137), a shariff of the shadow city,
      • Ser Claren Drinkwater (b. 138), a shariff of the shadow city,
      • Joleta Gargalen (b. 133), heir to Salt Shore, a justiciar at Sunspear,
      • Ser Torren Blackmont (b. 139), Ser Perrin's son, a shariff of the shadow city,
      • Ser Barrett Jordayne (b. 120), a distant kinsman, a justiciar at Sunspear,
      • Ser Jordan Dayne (b.139), Castellan of the Planky Town,
      • Ser Galwell Dalt (b. 130), Lord Bailiff,
      • Lord Aryard Manwoody (b.140), Lord of Kingsgrave, Warden of the Broken Arm,
      • Liane Uller (b. 136), a heir to Hellholt, a spice factor,
      • Ser MariusDalt (b. 125), called the Little Lemon, small of stature but great in courage, a spice factor ,
      • Iva of Vaith (b. 117), a lady's maid, once serving Princess Malora, soon dismissed,
      • {Ser Pate of the Planky Town} (b. 139), killed by Ser Tancred Baratheon at Godsgrace (d. 161).