Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH



Updating Your Character

To help us maintain a record of the history of the game and to help new players get into the game more easily, it is very important that everyone keeps their characters as updated as possible. As it stands now we often find ourselves forced to close—or even kill off—characters when they are abandoned because it is too difficult to piece together their past history.

Keeping your character updated also affects your progress on the game. If you want to switch to another character or request an alt, we will first request that you update your current character, so doing it regularly makes it much easier for everyone. We also take into account how good a player has been about keeping their character(s) updated when considering applications for Restricted or Limited characters. Finally, how well updated a character has been kept is a key criteria for tier advancement.

The two most important things to do is to add Events (+HELP CDB EVENTS) when something significant happens and to add or update Relations (+HELP CDB RELATIONS) to other characters. You may also need to occasionally look over your History, Persona and Notes to see if anything needs to be adjusted. You may also want to update your @desc as your character ages and to submit updates to your shortdesc via +jobs.

For those of you who like to be mentioned in the Tidings or the Chronicle (and who doesn’t!), adding Events is particularly important; if you haven’t added one for a particular scene, you are much less likely to show up in the writeups done about that scene.

Dealing With NPCs

It is important to keep in mind that the public areas of the game are always quite likely to be populated by various NPCs—courtiers, knights, guardsmen, servants, stablehands and so on in the castles and the general populace of the cities in other areas. If events out of the ordinary take place—events that would be disruptive to the normal day-to-day operation of the castles or cities—it’s entirely likely that some NPCs will get involved one way or another.

If there is significant violence, with weapons being drawn, the gold cloaks of King’s Landing and shariffs of Sunspear would interfere, even if those involved are nobles. Players should feel free to @emit such cases where violent or criminal action involving one or more parties get broken up by the City Watch. They’re there to keep the peace, and while they may hesitate when it’s their betters breaking it, they won’t hesitate forever.

Another important category of NPCs to keep in mind are the escorts that may accompany various characters, especially younger ones. Unmarried girls in King’s Landing are unlikely to be without a septa as a chaperone, for example. Players should be mindful of this when roleplaying behaviour that is, again, out of the norm and/or transgressive—NPCs, even those who might be in their train, are often not likely to agree with this behaviour and may even be in a position to tell them so.

Finally, when it comes to NPCs in general (rather than a specific NPC), it is important to be careful in regards to how their opinions are characterised in roleplay. How NPCs at large feel about an event or about a character should generally be determined by Staff.

Idling & Player Purges

We’d like to remind people to use the +vacation command (+help +vacation) to set themselves on vacation when they expect to be absent or inactive for a period of time.

We’d also like to remind people to make sure you are familiar with the rules for idling outlined in INFO POLICY PURGES and INFO CHARACTER IDLING. These files include information about the activity requirements for important characters (Restricteds, characters in important positions at court, etc).

Advertising the Game

We would very much like the help from our players to advertise the game in venues outside of those that we frequent ourselves, whether these are MU*s, livejournals or forums. An official ad can be viewed using ‘+display nymeria/ad’ (this will give you an evaluated version suitable for forums or livejournals) or ‘ex *nymeria/ad’ (this will give you an unevaluated version suitable for other MU*s). Players can feel free to modify this as they deem appropriate for the venue in question, or to write their own ad, as long as it does not give the wrong impression of the game.

The following points should be kept in mind:

1) Make sure that the venue in question allows advertising.

2) Only advertise in venues where you are a member of the community, unless it is a pure advertising MU*/livejournal/forum.

3) Make sure someone else has not already advertised the game in this venue.

4) If reciprocal advertising is required, we have an ElseMU* board setup for this purpose. However, the other venue would have to allow you to make the reciprocal posting, as guests cannot make use of it.

We’d also appreciate it if you page us or drop us a +mail to note where you have placed the ad, so we can keep track of where the game has been advertised.