Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


State of Play in Sunspear

This article covers the current situation in Sunspear, and is intended to give players an idea of what the roleplay there might be like.

The Prince of Dorne has returned to Sunspear after a long sojourn in Starfall to recover—and then only imperfectly—from the unsolved poisoning that drove him mad. His return was presaged by his summoning his son and heir, Prince Maron, from King’s Landing where he had been part of an embassy to the Iron Throne to continue the cause of fortifying the peace that existed between the realms. For a time he and his son stayed in Starfall with the “little court”, as some took to calling it: local lords and knights of the west, and some others who came because of the prince’s presence. Though he relinquished the rule of Dorne to his father prior to his departure from Sunspear, the Lord Protector Ser Quinlan Qorgyle, it is clear that some had now anticipated that the prince might resume the mantle of power.

Yet when Marence arrived in Sunspear with his heir and a train of followers, no announcements were made regarding changes. Instead, the prince—still notably enfeebled despite his recuperation—has largely kept to his suite of rooms in the Tower of the Sun, making few public appearances and holding only a few private meetings with his father and his courtiers. What seems to preoccupy him most is a marriage, the forthcoming marriage of his sister the Princess Mariah to the foreign prince, Daeron Targaryen, King Baelor’s young cousin. That, and the fact that the septon-king would once again return to Dorne to see the marriage made, sealing the peace that he had negotiated following his arduous march of penance after the death of the Young Dragon.

Yet while preparations are being discussed and functionaries of the court have been tasked with finding how to host a grand party of guests from beyond the red mountains, others wonder at the dangers inherent of welcoming knights and lords who were last in Dorne to crush it beneath the Targaryen heel. That the Prince’s notorious brother Rhodry, the man who slew the Young Dragon, has vanished from Dorne quite suddenly on a ship to the Free Cities, make some wonder if he has not been dispatched on some mission more designed to keep him well away for Dorne until King Baelor has come and gone. Some arguments have been made that an elaborate city of tents be made outside the shadow city to hold the bulk of the visitors from the north, but the Lord Protector is known to have strenuously argued against it, noting the dangers in having the northrons trek through the shadow city to the Old Palace.

Better, Ser Quinlan have argued, to have the lords and knights and merchants with manses in shadow of the walls open their doors for the duration, to allow the guests to be closer at hand ... and with walls and loyal guards to prevent any untoward incidents from the smallfolk of the shadow city who still recall when the Targaryen banner meant death and destruction, not peace and friendship.