Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Beginner’s Guide: Part 3 - Getting Familiar with the Game

This article covers what to do after finishing CharGen and being approved.

We have found that many players quit at this stage, perhaps frustrated that fun things do not start happening immediately. Please try to be a little patient and familiarize yourself with some of the OOC aspects of the game; it will make it much easier to get started roleplaying.

1) The very first thing you should do after receiving your approval +mail is to +read it. Use +skim to see all your +mail, and then +read # to read a specific number.

2) After reading your approval +mail, you should enter the IC grid. Do this by typing home. This will send you to the appropriate Waystation and from there you can reach several rooms on the IC grid by walking through one of the exits. But before you leave the Waystation, type +set IC to record an IC location. This command will also set you In Character, which means that you may be intending to roleplay. If you just want to look around for a bit and you want to show that you aren’t available for roleplay just then, type +set OOC to change yourself to Out of Character. Just remember to always type +set IC before getting involved in a scene, as certain commands only work when you are IC.

3) Your home (the place you go to when you type home) is now set to the Waystation. If you would like to have a room of your own, you will need to read INFO ROLEPLAY ROOMS for how to obtain one. Many players do not bother with a room, so this is entirely optional. However, we do encourage players not to idle in public places (or shared rooms for those who belong to larger families), so please make sure to move yourself to the Waystation or to the OOC Area when you are going to be idle. To reach the OOC Area, type +ooc, and to return to the grid, type +ic.

4) As part of the approval process, you have been added to four of the game’s channels: Dorne or King’s Landing (depending on which is your area), Info, Public and Roleplay. We encourage you to use these channels to ask for help, to get to know the other players and to get started roleplaying. Blood of Dragons is a MUSH that strongly encourages OOC communication and planning of roleplay scenes. If you are used to just wandering the grid in search of roleplay, this will not work very well on this game.

5) To find help for various commands, see HELP (for core commands that are part of the MUSH server) and +HELP (for commands added by the Staff). If you need any help, you can page (see HELP PAGE), speak on a channel (see +HELP CHAT) or use +jobs (see +HELP JOBS). Don’t ever hesitate to ask the Staff for help, we are very approachable.

6) You will also find a lot of useful information on the website. The Helpfiles and the Articles are particularly important.