Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


166 AC

A tourney at Longbow Hall.

Month 4

Day 6: Having met with his council—including his brothers, Ser Mavros Uller, and Ser Laurent Dalt (among others), Prince Marence at last determines that Ser Willum Gargalen must be exiled to the Free Cities for his part in the death of Ser Blaise Dalt. He also determines that the wells which caused the turmoil will not rest under the dominion of either the Dalts or the Gargalens, but will instead fall under the authority of Sunspear.

Day 19: Prince Marence attends a feast of forgiveness in Sunspear, aimed to celebrate reconciliation and peace after the conflict between the Gargalens and Dalts. After the entertainment went badly and a performer was injured, the prince retired soon after… and that evening woke the Old Palace to his screams of terror, insisting that insects were crawling over him. He was calmed by his guards, convinced it was a night terror and no more, and returned to sleep… only to wake screaming that there was a fire. Panic spread, but no fire was evident, despite the feverish prince demanding they put it out. At one point he seemed prepared to leap from the Tower of the Sun in his terror, but was restrained. Frothing at the mouth, screaming, he became unconscious. The maesters came to attend him.

Day 23: It is said Prince Marence is gravely ill, often kept unconscious with milk of the poppy because he only screams in terror of insects and fire when awakened. Rumor runs rife through Sunspear that he has been poisoned, rumors confirmed when the maesters inform the leading courtiers that they believe Marence suffers from ergot poisoning. The shariffs scour the city for clues, while the courtiers attempt to maintain calm.

Month 5

Day 28: The wedding between Ser Eon Hunter and Alina Corbray takes place at Longbow Hall, an event marked by an extravagant feast, and two days of tourneying following.
Day 30: The tourney at Longbow Hall ends with a pitched contest between Ser Peron Stone and Ser Waltyr Stone, the Bastard of Old Anchor, ending in both men fighting afoot after breaking a dozen lances between them. Peron the Pious’s skill with the polaxe proves superior to his opponent’s, breaking his arm and forcing him to yield. Some say the guests from Heart’s Home misliked that two bastards vied for the grand prize, and some whisper that it is an ill omen for the marriage.

Month 6

Day 25: A council meeting in Sunspear is held while Prince Marence is deemed too ill to rule. The chief topic at hand is the Dalt-Gargalen feud that grows increasingly volatile, but it becomes plain that the court is bitterly divided, with some siding for Prince Cadan and others for Prince Rhodry. Paralyzed, nothing can be truly done to resolve the issue, but it is determined that Ser Laurent Dalt should be sent to Lemonwood to attempt to dissuade his kinsmen. This attempt proves a failure.

Month 7

Day 7: Dalt men-at-arms raid Gargalen lands, burning out a village and its associated olive fields.

Day 9: A missive arrives from Yronwood, questionin the betrothal of her heir Farien to Ariana Martell, suggesting that Sunspear would be strengthened by instead having Farien wed Marence’s daughter Mariah. The fact that she is betrothed to Prince Daeron Targaryen, kinsmen to King Baelor, is said to be a mere inconvenience. The court attempts to keep this demand from the Yronwoods quiet, but rumors soon reach many ears.

Day 10: News of the attack by the Dalts reaches Sunspear, and again the court is unable to effectively act.

Day 12: House Gargalen retaliates by attacking a caravan from Lemonwood, slaughtering the men-at-arms guarding it and taking all the valuables.

Day 15: The Gargarlens continue to press the Dalts, burning lemon groves.

Day 27: After days of small skirmishes, the bloodiest clash yet between Salt Shore and Lemnwood with fifteen dead, twice as many wounded, and half a dozen prisoners on each side held for ransom.

Month 8

Day 4: Having slowly recovered with his wits, but still much weakened in body, Prince Marence is able to call his councillors to persuade them—with his maesters—that he can resume his rule.

Day 5: It is said Prince Marence calls his feuding brothers together in a private meeting. Later, it is announced that the prince has ordered a levy of forces from and around the shadow city to be under the joint command of the princes Cadan and Rhodry with the aim of preventing further conflict between the Gargalens and Dalts.

Day 9: The host under Prince Cadan and Prince Rhodry rides forth.

Day 13: Martell forces reach boundary of Dalt-Gargalen lands and place themselves between the feuding sides, preventing violent contact. Rumor has it the two commanders, Rhodry and Cadan, have not spoken since riding from Sunspear, each commanding half the force separately from one another.

Day 15: Ser Quinlan Qorgyle, father of the Martell princes, arrives unexpectedly in Sunspear after having largely been away from the Old Palace when his influence dwindled in the face of new and notable figures such as Ser Mavros Uller.

Day 16: Prince Marence, still weary of body, calls his court and informs them that he has named his father Lord Protector of Dorne, a position he held many years earlier when Prince Marence came to rule while in his minority. The prince further adds that his recovery is proving slow, and he has opted to retire from the court for the time in the hopes that solitude and rest will restore him.

Day 17: Ser Quinlan dispatches ravens to Salt Shor and Lemonwood, curtly offering amnesty for past disobedience provided they lay down arms and restore order to their lands.

Day 20: The princes Rhodry and Cadan meet with the leaders of the Gargalen and Dalt forces, receiving their renewed oaths of fealty on Marence’s behalf, and make preparations to return with their force to Sunspear.

Day 24: The Martell host arrives at Sunspear. Prince Rhodry and Prince Cadan, having learned late of their father’s elevation to Lord Protector, report to him.

Day 25: Ser Mavros Uller, Keeper of the Tower of the Sun, resigns his office, citing weariness. Rumors run rife that Ser Quinlan demanded his retirement from court, though Ser Mavros indicates otherwise.

Day 27: Marence is taken by litter to Planky Town with a large escort (including two maesters), and takes ship to Starfall after the suggestion of Elysa Dayne, who arranges with Lady Alia his residence there for a time—far from court and its troubles—until sufficiently recovered to take up the rule of Dorne again.