Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


162 AC

A tourney in Highgarden, a feud, and the slow recovery of the king.

Month 1

Day 4: Prince Viserys holds court. Certain men are named to offices, with Ser Luthor Rivers rising to the office of Warden of the Kingswood, Lord Cargyll stepping down as master of coin to be replaced by Beron Buckwell, Ser Dagur Saltcliffe was named Warden of Crackclaw Point, Ser Richard Harte was appointed to the command of the City Watch (a position he had held in the past, before the riots in King’s Landing in the reign of the Young King forced him to resign), Ser Burton Crakehall was named King’s Scales, and Ser Sarmion Baratheon moved from his wardenship of the Kingswood to the post of Harbormaster of King’s Landing.  The matter of Crackclaw Point and rewards for those who helped subdue the feuding houses is raised by Ser Farin Prester. He and Ser Dagur are at odds regarding the matter, and Prince Viserys suggests both knights present a joint solution.

Day 7: King Baelor and Ser Aidan Dayne reach the headwaters of the Scourge after a terrible crossing of the desert.

Day 18: King Baelor reaches Godsgrace, where Lady Allyrion greets him formally. He is very taken with Godsgrace, a place he considers holy, and begs to visit all its shrines and septs. Lady Allyrion sends a guard of honor—at Prince Marence’s command—to follow King Baelor the next day, over his objections.

Day 28: Baelor reaches the Planky Town.

Month 2

Day 1: King Baelor reaches Sunspear with his escort. The shadow city is largely quiet, and there are many shariffs and palace guards to escort him. Prince Marence and his court await him. The king wishes to pray before all else, and Prince Marence takes him to the royal sept. Later, there is a feast. The king is given rooms in the Old Palace, but seems more interested in prayer than in beginning negotiations to conclude peace.

Day 7: The first day of Lord Rosby’s tourney festival ends with Ser Ethos Mertyns as the victor, defeating his former master Ser Sarmion Baratheon in the final tilt. A mystery knight had appeared part way through the event, the Knight of the Fettlock, but he departed after going undefeated and unmasked, not to be seen again.

Day 8: The second day of Lord Rosby’s tourney festival features the Joust of the Golden Goose. The day is carried by Ser Conrad Arryn.

Day 11: Lord Arryn appoints his kinsman, Ser Ober, Knight of the Bloody Gate.
Day 15: A melee in the kingswood, arranged by the warden Ser Luthor Rivers, to test the skills of would-be officers.

Month 3

Day 4: A small squires’ melee takes place. It is won by Coland Sunglass.

Day 12: King Baelor departs Sunspear. Rather than travel to Planky Town to take a ship as originally planned, his morning prayers lead to a vision in which the Seven speak to him and urge him to perform an act of thanks giving by walking back to his throne, a reverse journey from his original penitent pilgrimage. Prince Marence and his court is baffled. Refusing a horse or palanquin, Baelor sets off with meager supplies and an unwanted escort following him at a distance.

Day 24: Ser Valerin Dayne is appointed the Martell Captain of the Guard at Sunspear.

Month 4

Day 30: Ser Anton Piper of the City Watch leads a raid into Flea Bottom, in search of certain persons of interest in relation to an alleged theft ring operating in the city and even in the Red Keep.

Month 5

Day 15: Near Wyl, King Baelor finds a cold reception from the Wyls, little more than a vassal knight and a few men-at-arms telling him he is not welcome. When he asks after his cousin, the Dragonknight, whom Prince Marence ordered Lord Wyl to free so that they may travel the rest of the way to King’s Landing together, they directed him further along the Boneway. There, he found Aemon in a sorry state, sunburned, parched, and naked as the day he was born, hanging in a cage over a pit of vipers. The men-at-arms had followed him, but offered no assistance. Praying to the gods, and ignoring Aemon’s pleas that he pass him by, Baelor walked into the pit, striding across its surface, opening the door of the cage.

He is bitten a dozen times by the serpents. Aemon forces the door open as Baelor falls to the ground in a venom-induced daze, and snatches him up. The Dornishmen depart, leaving them to their fate. The Dragonknight manages to climb out of the cage with Baelor in his grasp, and crawls across the beam in the side of the pit to escape it without setting foot on the ground. Baelor slips into a coma even after Aemon sucks as much as the venom from the wounds as he can, spitting it out.

Day 16: Tended to be a septon in a small hamlet near the Boneway, Baelor’s health stabilizes by some miracle, though he remains in a coma. Three days later, Prince Aemon carries him away on a mule-pulled cart that the pious villagers gave to them.

Day 28: Still comatose, Baelor is brought to Blackhaven by the Dragonknight and the escort of men-at-arms from one of Blackhaven’ watchtowers. A maester immediately attends him, while the septon and the widowed Lady Loreza see to the Dragonknight’s hurts.

Month 6

Day 14: Lord Allos Swann is officially made the King’s Counter by the Hand to the King, Viserys Targaryen.

Day 28: Coran Wyl and his brother Ser Daven depart Wyl for Sunspear, apparently to negotiate with Prince Marence regarding the grievances of their father, Lord Wyl.

Month 8

Day 3: The queen’s travelling party pauses at Bitterbridge, and a small joust is arranged, the winner to be named the queen’s champion during the Highgarden tournament. Ser Elmer Crakehall carries the day, defeating Lord Swann, the heir to Ninestars, and more.

Day 10: The first joust in the grand tourney at Highgarden takes place. Ultimately, Ser Conrad Arryn and Ser Dagur Saltcliffe fight for the final prize; the latter carries the day.

Day 16: The Tourney of Love is carried out at Highgarden. Though Ser Janden Melcolm was judged to have jousted most ably,

Day 19: The Smallwoods and Swanns carry out a small chivalric combat at Highgarden, at which Ser Luthor Rivers and Lord Allos Swann acquit themselves honorably, with Ser Luthor defeating the marcher lord but then Lord Allos being the last man standing on the field in a larger melee.

Day 24: Ser Obyn Meadows is killed at the melee in Highgarden. Having been granted the honor of being one of the defenders of the labyrinth, he was facing Ser Josmyn Reyne when Ser Alek Reyne came behind him and struck him, pushing him down and toward Ser Josmyn’s own blow which cracked helm and skull alike. He died shortly after.

Month 9

Day 1: Queen Daena wins an archery contest at Highgarden, but divides the victor’s purpose between the three next best archers. Lord Allos Swann wins one of the tourneys at Highgarden, and crowns his lady wife as the queen of love and beauty. Tensions flare between Ser Kendros Goodbrook and the Reynes over the killing of Ser Obyn Meadows, a close kinsman of his.

Day 7: Ser Almer Connington wins the Joust of Champions in the final day of the Highgarden grand tourney. Queen Daena presents him with the prize of a priceless Valyrian steel dagger with a dragonbone hilt.

Day 8: The grand melee at Highgarden ends with Ser Dagur Saltcliffe taking the prize, after defeating Ser Almer Connington in a close contest. During the feast that evening, the queen presents tokens to various knights, including Ser Luthor Rivers.

Day 15: A nameday tourney for Princess Ariana is held in Sunspear. The victor is Ser Aidan Dayne, the Knight of the Twilight. Among the knights he defeated were Prince Rhodry Nymeros Martell, a mystery knight called the Knight of the Bones who is unmasked as Lord Aryard Manwoody, his cousin Ser Tamlyn Toland, and Ser Laurent Dalt. He is awarded a prize of 2,000 golden suns, and crowns Ariana the Queen of Love and Beauty.

Day 21: During a hunting excursion away from the main party travelling back to King’s Landing, Ser Kendros Goodbrook, called Longaxe, and a number of men-at-arms and knights of House Meadows attack a number of lords and ladies with the intent of punishing the Reynes for the killing of Ser Obyn Meadows at Highgarden. Lord Allos Swann is grievously wounded in the attempt to fight them off. Ser Josmyn Reyne is abducted and carried off. Once news reaches the barges, many knights vow to pursue the Meadows’ to retrieve Ser Josmyn.

Day 22: Ser Farin Prester weds Aurana Buckler at Feastfires.
Day 29: Ser Edwyd Bulwer meets Ser Alyard Corbray in single combat, to resolve the dispute between the Meadows’s and Reynes. Corbray fights on behalf of the injured Ser Alek Reyne, and defeats and kills Ser Edwyd.  Ser Kendros Goodbrook is forced to present himself at Highgarden for the judgment of Ser Ardon Tyrell, the Lord Protector of the Reach.

Month 10

Day 15: Ser Ardon Tyrell judges that Ser Kendros did greivance wrong as a guest of the Reach, by taking part in the illict seizure of Ser Josmyn Reyne, a matter which might have precipitated a private war as various allies of the parties joined in. It was fortunate that the king’s trusted servant, Ser Dagur Saltcliffe, was on hand to prevent matters from worsening. In judgment, out of respect for the loss Ser Kendros suffered at the melee in Highgarden, with the death of his kinsman and dear friend Ser Obyn, Ser Ardon bans Ser Kendros from the Reach for the period of five years.

Month 11

Day 3: An ambush is layed by bandits in the kingswood, and nearly brings the end of a number of noted knights who had to cut their way through after much effort. They return to King’s Landing with the tidings.

Day 9: Prince Viserys meets with Lord Baratheon’s sister, Elyana Baratheon, regarding the continual (but slow) improvement in the health of King Baelor, still recuperating at Storm’s End.

Day 13: The notorious outlaw, Starion Flowers (known as the Starveling) is hanged after more than a year in the king’s dungeons.

Day 14: An expedition led by Ser Dagur Saltcliffe goes to Crackclaw Point with the intention of ending the depridations of the notorious Lyseni pirate Sullehman Saan.

Day 17: The expedition makes landfall at Crackclaw Point. There, Lord Brune of the Dyre Den provides information to locate one of the pirate camps.

Day 18: Attacking at dawn, Ser Dagur’s force routs the pirates, though Romny Saltcliffe, Ser Alyard Corbray, and others are injured in the process. They free the captives of the pirates, and succeed in capturing one of the pirate vessels.