Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


161 AC

The year begins with turmoil in the realm, as King Daeron prepares to return to Dorne to put down the rebellion.

Month 1

Day 11: News of the murder of Lord Lyonel Tyrell in Sandstone, and the accompanying slaughter of his forces, reaches King’s Landing.

Day 21: Joleta Gargalen is made to marry Ser Ethos Mertyns, at King Daeron’s command. Ser Anders Dondarrion, apparently out of some gallantry, challenged the groom before the wedding took place, which led to a single combat between the two. Ser Anders knocked down his foe, only to have King Daeron put an end to the fight.

Month 2

Day 8: Ser Elmer Crakehall is named the captain of the guard for the Lannisters by Lord Loren.

Day 10: Queen Daena sponsors a tourney, which is won by Ser Jaremy Dustin, one of the founders of the tourney society called the Brothers of the Battle. Words passed between him and Ser Aidan Dayne, one of the Dornish hostages, that led the Dornishman—normally a paragon of chivalry—into a rage that was amazing to behold.

Day 11: Queen Daena sponsors a melee, at which many bold deeds are performed, although the bad blood between Ser Jaremy Dustin and Ser Aidan Dayne comes to the fore when the two fall to blows after they unhorse one another, despite the rules of the tournament. Ser Dagur Saltcliffe and others intervene. Ser Jaremy is commanded to depart the field by the king… while the Dornish knight is ordered confined to a tower cell, as is his cousin Tanyth Toland for impertiment remarks she made in the king’s hearing.

Day 24: King Daeron’s fleet departs King’s Landing. Thousands of swords go with him, to put an end to the Dornish rebellion. Among the fleet’s number are a number of Braavosi galleys loaded with Braavosi crossbowmen, part of the pact made between the king and the Sealord Ferro Antaryon.

Month 3

Day 1: Ser Mavros Uller and his sister Lady Uller convince the Yronwood garrison to permit the youths trapped in Yronwood to depart to a safer place given that the castle is presently under siege.

Day 8: The king lands near Wyl, thanks to Dornish turncloaks who help navigate through shallow shoals. The landing is opposed by Lord Manwoody and a royal force under the command of Ser Laurent Dalt, but the king’s men gain a toehold and ultimately force the Dornishmen to retire. The king immediately sees about consolidating his position.

Day 10: Entering the Boneway, King Daeron determines the order of march and the command of the various battles.

Day 23: Facing a determined Dornish force that had a created an earthwork rampart and ditcha cross a narrow part of the Boneway, the king orders a frontal assault led by the likes of Ser Dalton Florent and then Ser Elmer Crakehall in the second wave, with Ser Meros Tyrell—Mad Meros—coordinating matters. The fighting was furious, with many men fallen and despite the efforts of Ser Sorin of Sevenstreams to help bolster the flank. Lord Manwoody personally fought and briefly crossed weapons with Ser Elmer.

Then, from a ravine above the battle ground—and behind the rampart—came two hundred horsemen, almost unexpected. Led by Ser Sarmion Baratheon, the path had been discovered by Ser Andry Chester in his efforts to find an alternate route down the Boneway. At the king’s command, Ser Andry directed a picked force—built around a core of the Brothers of the Battle, such as Stormbreaker, Jaremy Dustin, Aron Lightfoot, and Ser Humfrey Westerling—to circle around the rampart. They descended on the Dornishmen, who had a small rearguard in place after Ser Laurent Dalt intuited that something was wrong when he did not see the giant Baratheon in the front lines. In the end, the Dornish were forced to retreat, though they did so with less loss than may otherwise have been thanks to Dalt’s intuition.

Notably, one captured prisoner proved to be the woman Caitrin Blackmont, who had been part of the campaign—the Sand Dog’s doxy, some would say—in the guise of the boy. She had been left behind in the Dornish flight. After her identity was revealed, the king chose to be merciful, and allowed her to return to her compatriots with a message. He offered to treat them honorably if they laid down their arms, and welcome them into his peace. If they fought on, they could expect no mercy. He told Caitrin Blackmont much the same, before letting her go.

Month 4

Day 7: A rising river leads the Dornish to abandon the ford they commanded, which had held against the king’s assaults for two days. The king, realizing that he must seize his chance, leads a force across the river containing his Kingsguard Ser Dagur Saltcliffe, Ser Elmer Crakehall, and Ser Burton Crakehall in the cavalry; a body of pike led by Ser Alek Reyne; and Ser Sarmion Baratheon leading the archers and Braavosi crossbowmen. The king leads from the front to draw the focus of the Dornish attack, to win more time for men to cross before the river rises too high. The battle is ferocious, with many knights killed or drowned. Lors Mors and Ser Laurent Dalt fight decisively, attacking the king in force.

At one point, the royal banner falls and the word spreads that the king has been killed, until one of the king’s knights takes up the banner and lifts it up once more. The Crakehalls fight well, defending the king’s flank, and Ser Elmer wounds Lord Manwoody. The pike arrive in the nick of time, to throw back the Dornish attack and win time for the archers to come up. In the end, the enemy withdraws, and the king has the cavalry, archers, and pike go forward as far as they can to make sure that they are high enough that they will not drown in the rising water.

Four times the Dornish send forces against them, water around their waists, and four times they throw them back. Half the king’s men are killed, most from arrows or throwing spears, but in the end the flood abates and the rest of his force withdraws.

Day 14: With forces from Starfall, Skyreach, Blackmont, and other seats, Lord Andrey Blackmont meets with Lord Qorgyle, who agrees to send most of his remaining spears with him east. There they will gather more forces as they go, to raise an army to join the efforts to stop King Daeron.

Day 15: Prince Viserys temporarily appoints Reyna Saltcliffe to act in the role of steward (though without the title) to ease the administrative burdens at court. This is a highly unusual step, and many believe that the influence of Highgarden is behind this appointment.

Day 16: The king’s army approaches Yronwood, which seems to have survived the Dornish siege. The Dornish appear to be retreating and the king is in the midst of approaching while preparing a defensive screen in case the withdrawing Dornish try anything ... when Caitrin Blackmont—a woman he briefly held prisoner when he discovered her fighting in the guise of a bastard boy, but then allowed her to return to the host—cut down the king’s banner and revealed that, in fact, Yronwood had fallen to the Dornish some days before. Siege engines and archers assaulted his force, while 2,000 Dornish cavalry peeled away from the main Dornish host in the field and attacked. Chaos followed, and the king personally led a charge to stop the Dornish cavalry before they ravaged the front of the column.

Though greatly outnumbered, the heavier armor of knights and horsemen helped the king and half the knight survive. Great feats were done by the knights who rode with him, as they were surrounded by the Dornish, who focused on trying to kill the king. Ser Elmer and his westermen were cut off from the main body of the king’s forces, and were almost overwhelmed. In the end, Ser Ardon Tyrell organized enough additional horsemen to counter-charge, forcing the Dornishmen to part and opening a way back to the now-formed lines of pike and Braavosi crossbows. In the withdrawal, the king was injured in the shoulder by a Dornish arrow. Afterwards, while the king was being tended, he called for volunteers to join Ser Reynard Caron in meeting with the Dornishmen who came out of Yronwood carrying the peace banner. Ser Albyn Crane, Ser Elmer Crakehall, and Ser Blayne Condon joined the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, and treated with Lady Caitrin for a time.

The king’s captains formed a well-defended encampment on his command, to give him time to consider how to proceed. The Dornish army remained near to his host that day, and at least for that one day the castle was not invested.

Day 17: After having consulted with his captains, King Daeron sends half his force south and east to drive off the Dornish forces in the field that have remained close. There’s the briefest of skirmishes as outriders meet, but the Dornish move away with some alacrity. The rest of the king’s forces begin the long work of establishing the siege of Yronwood. The most ambitious part of the king’s plans? Not only would he encircle the castle, but he would create an outward facing line of defense—ditches and earth ramparts fortified by sharpened stakes—which would allow him to leave a smaller force to hold the siege than he otherwise could. The king’s plans involve using the bulk of his forces to prosecute his war against the Dornish, leaving a smaller force to hold the siege of the Yronwood castle and to keep the Boneway clear for supplies from the Marches which have already been sent for.

Day 21: News arrives at Sunspear that a small fleet of ships from the Free Cities have been seen approaching Planky Town. Prince Marence assumes these are forces hired by King Daeron, and he begins to lose hope that the rebellion can succeed.

Day 22: Prince Marence prepares to lead his forces against the Planky Town in the all but certain belief that a surprise attack by sellsails from the east hired by King Daeron had sacked it, and with it almost certainly any hope of succeeding in the war for liberation against the rule of the Iron Throne. However, Prince Marence hears the most unexpected news: the ships are indeed hired sellsails, and with them two of the free companies, the Second Sons and the Company of the Cat. But the man holding the purse is not the Young Dragon, but rather Ser Mavros Uller, Lord Qorgyle’s castellan and one of the chief architects of the rebellion. With this happy news—news which the prince seemed to find difficult to process and accept—the chief knights, lords, and ladies were quickly convened to discuss this news.

Day 30: With the Dornish army’s location uncertain—contact has been made with their outriders in all directions, but the army itself has not been identified—the king makes a plan to try and find it out. Consulting with Ser Tomas Rivers, the Bastard of Riverrun, and Ser Burton Crakehall, heir to Crakehall, he determines to send sixty horsemen with Ser Burton in command to ride in the direction that the Dornishmen are likeliest to be in. If they ride far enough away from the march, the hope is that they will attract Dornish pickets, and perhaps catch a glimpse of the army. However, at such a remove from the safety of the army, it is a dangerous mission.

Month 5

Day 2: King Daeron determines to secure a well along the line of march, and sends Ser Olyvar Oakheart of the Kingsguard to carry out the task.

Day 4: Having learned that the Dornish army is not far to the east or southeast, the king notes the oddity that the Dornish outriders that used to range far and wide have all but disappeared from the west. This seemed natural enough, given that the army’s positions has finally been pinpointed ... but for the fact that the Dornish outriders shifted entirely to the east _before_ that time. Suspicious, the king asks for outriders to explore further westwards than normally. The end result is that a troop of outriders discovers—and is nearly killed by—a second Dornish army in the field, coming from the west.

Ser Alek Reyne and Ser Triston Templeton survived, but Ser Gregor Wendwater—who had fought boldly at the king’s landing and the Battle of the Rampart—was killed.

Departing Sandstone with the bulk of the Qorgyle men—almost every man and boy they could arm, and many more they could not—Ser Manfryd Qorgyle begins a long march to Hellholt, down the Brimstone, and then along the coast to lay siege to Salt Shore.

Day 4: In King’s Landing, an embassy from Braavos arrives unexpectedly, including a merchant lord of the Iron Bank, Donalo Prestayn.

Day 5: A battle unfolds at the oasis which is the source of the Scourge. The Dornish, having picked their ground with one flank beside the oasis and the other against the walls of a nameless holdfast, met the king’s gathered host despite being outnumbered nearly three to one. Ser Sarmion Baratheon led the vanguard on foot, because the irrigation ditches that criss-crossed the area would make progress on horse too slow. The king’s plan was for the vanguard to win some space for the cavalry to cross the last of the ditches, and then find room to charge. Behind the vanguard were the Braavosi crossbows, who held their bolts until the last moment, sending them over the heads of the vanguard after the Dornish skirmishers sent their arrows into the body.

The plan proceeded well, with the Dornish holding their ground while the knights struggled to force them back. In the west, however, Lord Blackmont’s 2,000-strong force which the king had by chance discovered the day before closed on the rearguard he had set in place, led by Ser Moros Massey, a famous knight. Moros the Mordant died, thrown from a horse and snapping his neck, and in the ensuing confusion Blackmont’s forces ran rampant. It was only thanks to the efforts of Ser Dagur Saltcliffe that the rearguard held together long enough for the king to hurriedly send reinforcements from his center.

On the east, the cavalry finally crossed. Prince Aemon the Dragonknight and Ser Burton Crakehall led one half of the right wing, and charged at the Dornish center. Ser Ardon Tyrell led the other half. At the same time, the Dornish center began to buckle, but Ser Mavros sent the bulk of the Dornish cavalry into a gap and nearly overwhelmed the cavalary. They covered the general retreat that was sounded at this point, and after the confusion to the west the king chose to call for no pursuit, letting the Dornish army to escape largely intact.

Prince Aemon’s forces suffered a great deal of loss, as they lost contact with Ser Burton’s troop and were very nearly overwhelmed because of it. Ser Ardon and the vanguard were also hard hit, though Ser Triston Templeton, Ser Elmer Crakehall, and Ser Luthor Rivers fought valiantly and helped maintain cohesion until the Dornish withdrew.

In the aftermath, the king chose to tend to the wounded at the location, setting up a camp for the day and allowing the Dornish to flee east along the banks of the Scourge. He was now a step closer to Godsgrace, key to the Dornish defense. The only worry was Lord Blackmont, whom was driven westward once more, and now would be free either to insinuate himself in the rear of the march to prevent further resupply, or to shadow the army on the Scourge’s western bank and perhaps cause trouble at one of the fords of the river.

Day 12: Near the village of Sourwater, a larger Dornish cavalry force launches an ambush against a large troop of outriders led by Ser Dagur Saltcliffe and Ser Sarmion Baratheon. The fighting was fierce until fate allowed the Stormbreaker to turn the tide and the Dornish were sent fleeing. The small engagement later becomes known as the Second Battle of Sourwater, after the battle Lord Caston Vaith initiated there in the first, restless months after the Submission of Sunspear.

Day 13: Prince Marence at last commits a substantial force to join the fighting, possibly goaded into it by his brother Prince Rhodry. He gives Rhodry the command of several thousand spears, with the intention of their joining the Uller, Qorgyle, and Blackmont forces arraying at Godsgrace. Ser Perrin Blackmont, the Keeper of the Sandship, is given command of one of the battles.

Day 15: After having fled, Dread Daven Wyl is apprehended while hiding in a farmhouse and taken to King Daeron as a prisoner.

Day 18: Lord Redfort and his only son Ellys are cut down by the Dornishmen as they rode in Ser Meros Tyrell’s company to deal with Lord Blackmont’s raiders attacking the supply lines.

Day 21: Leading a fleet of ships against the Planky Town, Ser Alyn Velaryon finds it fiercely defended to an unexpected degree; two companies of sellswords from the Free Cities, hired by Pentoshi merchants on behalf of the Dornish, bringing their war with the Sealord of Braavos to a new arena. He manages to win control of half the Planky Town, and makes preparations to send ships hastily to Godsgrace to warn the king that the Dornish may have greater strength then he had imagined.

Day 26: King Daeron confronts the Dornish army gathered at Godsgrace, and by the grace of the gods, he overthrows them. It was a touch-and-go affair, and the king himself was injured in the fighting when he brought the center into the conflict earlier than intended. However, Oakenfist’s timely arrival helped matters immensely, and the king won the day. He followed this by arranging a siege camp. Among those rewarded on that day were Rynos Prester, who the king knighted on the field, and Mathin Lannister, who was Prince Aemon’s squire and was given his knighthood by the Dragonknight for his deeds. The king took Ser Luthor Rivers into his household, as well. Among the noteworthy dead is Lord Mors Manwoody.

Day 27: Ser Alyn consults with the king about how to deal with the remaining Dornish resistance in the afternoon, warning him that an offer of amnesty would be pointless when Prince Rhodry leads them. After that, he makes preparations to return to the Planky Town on the morrow, to try and win the rest of the harbor from the Free Cities sellswords who hold it on behalf of the Dornish, and to arrange supplies to be delivered up the river.

Day 28: A small group of knights are delivered by Oakenfist in an area about a day south of Godsgrace, an abandoned village which the king wished to have scouted and secured as being part of his marching route down to Sunspear.

Day 28: In besieged Godsgrace, a council takes place with Lady Allyrion, Ser Laurent Dalt, and others.

Day 29: The knights depart the village, discovering that the plague signs painted on buildings in the village were a ploy by fugitive members of the Bright Banners to hide themselves. Having slaughtered the villagers, the chief of them are killed without mercy, though two are taken prisoner.

In the Dornish encampment, certain leaders discuss what to do. Ser Michael Blackmont—who slipped out of Godsgrace and through the siege lines to join the Dornish host—puts forward the notion within Godsgrace of finding some way to kill King Daeron, using a false parley as an excuse. Ser Mavros proposes certain adjustments.



Month 6

Day 2: Prince Rhodry leads a cavalry wing when the Dornish army attacks the king’s siege camp in the night. He drives Ser Bryce Caron’s stormlord cavalry north after it enters the battle, and performs great feats of prowess. However, when the tide again turns against the Dornish, a charge by Stormbreaker’s forces runs over the Dornishmen. In the melee, Prince Rhodry falls, and the Dornish troops become stricken when it’s reported he’s dead, or gravely injured. His body is seeing being carried away on horseback in the midst of the Dornish flight.

Day 4: The greatest of the trebuchets ponderously loaded, the king with a retinue come to see it try its weight of stone—half a ton at a throw—tried against the battered walls of Godsgrace. The great engine sent its stone, and a second hole appeared in the walls of Godsgrace. The king named the engine ‘Balerion’, after the great dragon of Aegon the Conqueror. However, Ser Symeon wondered if some better name might not be found. Taking the notion, Daeron offered 77 gold dragons for any man who could find a better name, candidates to be presented the next day.

Day 5: Assassins (apparently from the king’s camp) attempt to kill Lord Davit Gargalen in his tent. One escapes, the other—Ser Jarmyn Storm, the Bastard of Mistwood—is killed, while Lord Gargalen nearly dies form his wounds. Only the fact that the Martell maester was in camp and was able to quickly respond saved his life… but efforts are made to keep this a secret, to let the assassins believe they succeeded.

Day 7: Several ships loaded with wounded from the fighting in and around Planky Town depart for King’s Landing, Ser Humphrey Westerling among them.

Day 8: Ser Jarvis Sand returns the body of Ser Jarmyn Storm, the Bastard of Mistwood, to the king’s camp while there under the truce banner. He delivers to the king the desire of the Dornish army to surrender to him, and put an end to their rebellion.

Day 9: Ser Mavros Uller leads a parley to surrender to King Daeron. However, at a signal, Lord Jordayne uses a Myrish crossbow, and the rest of the men leap into action. Two men, Ser Archibald Wells and Ser Rufus Dalt, are killed. Ser Mavros fights with Ser Olyvar the Green Oak, taking off his hand before Lord Blackmont runs the knight through. Kingsguard knights Lord Commander Reynard Caron and Ser Osbert Bettley are also killed, as is Joseth Oakshanks, Lord of Smallwood. Having been standing in readiness, Dornish cavalry rush out ... led by Prince Rhodry Nymeros Martell; claims of his death a week earlier were exaggerated. Daeron’s horse is killed and he is trapped under it. Prince Rhodry tramples Prince Aemon as he was cutting himself free of the trap and attempting to save the king. The prince then dismouned, seized the fallen peace banner, and drove the butt-spike through Daeron’s throat as the Young Dragon attempted to free Blackfyre from its scabbard. The Dornish prince seized the king’s crown from his brow and attempted to take Blackfyre as well, but it was trapped where it was. Ser Mavros calls the retreat, and the Dornish army withdraws with the Dragonknight as a prisoner and chaos left in their wake.

Various lords and knights begin to argue about what to do now that Daeron is dead. Ser William Waxley, the late king’s steward, attempts to hold the king’s forces together, Ser Meros Tyrell argues that he should receive the command, Ser Sarmion Baratheon and others argue over which direction to go. The army begins to fracture.

Day 10: Mad Meros Tyrell seizes the supply train to try and force his appointment as commander. The Dornishmen, having planned to hasten the departure of the king’s host, find their timing even better than they hoped: the camp falls to riot and can put forward no sustained defense. Lord Dondarrion is killed by rioters, and Mad Meros is cut down by the Speardancer, Ser Michael Blackmont. The Dornishmen largely destroy the baggage train, and the supplies within it, before departing.

Day 11:  Braavosi emissary Donalo Prestayn receives the fresh news from Braavos: the Sealord, Ferro Antaryon, has been dead this past three weeks. The swiftest galley of the Prestayn’s was sent across the narrow sea to deliver the news, and to recall Donalo for the election of the new Sealord, a particularly thorny matter which will not be swiftly resolved. He delivers the news to Viserys, and makes immediate preparations to depart.

Day 12: Sunspear learns of the murder of Daeron Targaryen and the subsequent dissolution of his army thanks to the efforts of Prince Rhodry. The shadow city rejoices, but it’s said Prince Marence is less than pleased to learn that his brother broke the sanctity of the peace banner.

Day 13: Mavros Uller gives the command of the Qorgyle and Uller forces to Ser Anders Blackmont,  while Prince Rhodry continues to lead those under the royal banner. Ser Mavros departs by an orphan vessel down the Greenblood with a few companions and guards, the injured Lord Davit Gargalen, and Prince Aemon the Dragonknight as a prisoner.

Day 14: News reaches Ser Alyn Velaryon at Salt Shore of the king’s death and the determinations of Ser Ardon Tyrell and Ser Sarmion Baratheon to lead their portions of the host to Salt Shore and the Tor respectively, while Ser William Waxley leads a third portion—including the king’s baggage—back to Yronwood and thence to the Boneway. He personally sets sail with a portion of the fleet to the Tor, while commanding Ser Aloran Celtigar to hold the Planky Town and prepare to send more ships west to Salt Shore.

Day 15: Learning that Oakenfist has left with a number of his ships, the Prince of Dorne determines to lead Sunspear’s 500-man strong garrison to join with the sellswords.

Day 16: Ser Manfryd Qorgyle and 1,500 spears arrive to lay siege to Salt Shore. After a brief, but intense, skirmish with the garrison which attempts to force him away, he establishes a siege. He is also aware that a an army under the command of Ser Ardon Tyrell approaches from the north, chased by Lord Blackmont.

Day 16: Coming up to Ser Sarmion’s forces in the desert, Prince Rhodry finds the forces dug in in a desert village. The fighting is sharp, with the prince giving the chief command to Ser Michael Blackmont as he prepares to take forces past the village to station them between Baratheon and the Tor. However, Stormbreaker proves wily and soundly defeat Blackmont to the point where the prince must give up his position, to rejoin with the much-weakened Blackmont.

Day 17: Ser Sarmion Baratheon sends Lord Swann to besiege the Tor, while he holds out in his dug-in position to distract and divert Prince Rhodry.

Day 17: Ser Mavros arrives at Sunspear with his prisoner and companions, only to discover that Prince Marence has just recently departed for the Planky Town in turn, taking a separate road.

Day 17: Ser Ardon Tyrell leads a portion of the forces south toward Salt Shore in hopes of finding safety there. At a crossing near the Vaith, Dornish forces under Dread Daven Wl fall upon the army, and a desperate rearguard action is all that saves the force.

Day 18: Ser Manfryd Qorgyle has two prisoners presented to him at Salt Shore, northrons who appear to have ridden ahead of their own forces, or possibly deserted: Ser Ethos Mertyns and his squire Halyn Grimm. hey were caught skulking near Salt Shore, apparently seeking some means of entry. They were questioned and then, rather than killed, they were kept imprisoned. At the same time, the knight makes preparations for battle to act as an anvil for Lord Blackmont’s hammer.

Day 18: The Dornish maintain a nearly-continual series of skirmishes and raids agains the Baratheon forces, trading blows, attempting to wear them away. For whatever reason, Rhodry focuses on Stormbreaker, perhaps thinking that the Tor would be capable of holding out against Lord Swann. Some among his forces remind themselves that the Stormbreaker slew the prince’s paramour, Ser Corentyn Yronwood.

Day 18: Prince Marence arrives at the Planky Town, the 500 Dornish spears combined with the few hundreds of the previous garrison left there and the 1,000 remaining Free Cities sellswords prove decisive. Personally leading them, Prince Marence’s efforts begin to push back the occupying forces, dock by dock, district by district.

Day 19: Lord Swann succeeds in overruning the defenses of the Tor. The garrison that remains withdraws to the castle, leaving the town open. Lord Swann sends word to the Stormbreaker, who takes his shielding force and carefully withdraws with Prince Rhodry’s forces dogging his heels. Ser Stevyn Locke wins renown for holding the rearguard against a ferocious Dornish attack, and is dubbed Winterfast afterward for his stalwart defense.

Day 20: Arriving at the Tor, Ser Alyn Velaryon discovers that Ser Sarmion’s march succeeded and that Lord Swann had successfully besieged and then stormed the castle.

Day 20: Ser Aloran Celtigar abandons the Planky Town after Prince Marence’s arriva proves decisive in overwhelming what strength was left to him. He sets sail west for Salt Shore, to do what he can to support the garrison against the siege and see if Ser Ardon’s forces manage their trek across the desert.

Day 22: Ser Alyn departs the Tor as Dornish forces under Prince Rhodry swarm through it, carrying away the survivors and making sail for King’s Landing.

Day 23: Ready for when Ser Ardon Tyrell leads his force to Salt Shore, the besieging force arrayed itself in battles to face the northrons. It shocked the enemy to their core, but drove some mad, such as Ser Walder Frey. His mad charge led others to follow, and an opening was created in the Dornish lines. While Lord Blackmont fought the rearguard, Ser Manfryd Qorgyle pushed back against the assault, nearly encircling the Tyrell van. However, Salt Shore’s gates opened and the garrison sallied out with the support of Aloran Celtigar’s forces, which had arrived in the town not an hour before by sea. Proving too much for him, Ser Manfryd’s forces fled, and the northrons were able to extricate the rearguard and enter Salt Shore. Qorgyle would later resume the siege.

Day 24: News arrives at the Red Keep of King Daeron’s death. Prince Aegon and many angered knights and men-at-arms attempt to seize the Dornish hostages to put them to the sword. Only the timely arrival of Prince Baelor—now the presumptive king—saves their lives. Prince Viserys was on the road to Rosby at the time, and recieves the news later. He immediately returns to the Red Keep in the middle of the night, and calls the small council together.

Day 24: Prince Rhodry leaves the now-secure Tor after learning the news from the south, taking his army back across the desert to the Greenblood, with the intention of returning to Sunspear or perhaps joining efforts to take Salt Shore.

Day 25: Arriving at Stonehelm, Oakenfist’s fleet lets many Marchers and stormlords off, including Lord Swann and his men. After taking on new supplies, the ships resume their course, following the coast eastward.

Day 27: After three days and nights of prayer and fasting, in which he tasted nothing but bread and drank nothing but water, Prince Baelor allowed himself to be taking to his apartments to sleep the rest through the whole of the day and part of the night.

Day 29: Spotting ships off Estermont, Oakenfist’s fleet draws nearer and realizes they are the fleet from Salt Shore. Joining together, they celebrate in the survival of Ser Ardon Tyrell’s force which marched to Salt Shore, and Ser Aloran and the rest of the captains discuss the loss of the Planky Town. They resume their journey, though the weather grows harsher, until a full-blown gale in the night scatters the fleet.

Day 30: Bringing the Black Dread with the cog the Just Maid together after a ferocious storm,the ships are set upon by Lyseni pirates off the coast of Tarth. Led by the infamous pirate Salladhin Saan, the fighting is ruthless and ferocious. At one point, the pirates nearly seize control of the Just Maid, but the efforts of Ser Elmer Crakehall, his cousin Ser Burton, and Ser Luthor Rivers to rally the defenders proves successful. Saan is killed by Ser Elmer, and the pirates are butchered.

Month 7

Day 1: Prince Marence returns triumphant from the Planky Town. The shadow city turns out to cheer his entry and that of his soldiers, and certain captains of the Free Cities sellswords. Prince Aemon Targaryen is briefly brought before the prince, who greets him courteously enough, but soon sends him back to his comfortable prison.

Day 5: Ser William Waxley arrives at Yronwood and informs the surprised forces still laying siege to the castle of what happened to the king and his army. Shock and terror runs through the army. Waxley and the chief captains and lords with him take council.

Day 7: After realizing the dire situation, Ser William Waxley’s forces decamp from Yronwood, breaking off the siege, and attempts the Boneway. Ser Conrad has deep misgivings about the route when it seems that autumn has turned, yet they have no other choice. Seeing the invaders flee to the Boneway, Red Rhys and his raiders shift from their previous tactics of skirmishing with their foragers and now begins to harry the fleeing force.

Day 7: The remnant of the king’s army that took to the ships commanded by Ser Alyn Velaryon and Ser Aloran Celtigar land safely in King’s Landing, bringing to an end the long departure. Perhaps 2,000 men all-told remained. Greeted by the King and the Hand, as well as the High Septon who blessed the men. There was some fanfare, but it was muted in the grief after King Daeron’s loss. A feast was arranged afterward, in which Prince Viserys more often spoke with the lords and captains who survived he campaign instead of enjoying the meal, and in which King Baelor spent more time rejecting all but the meanest morsels.

Day 13: King Baelor commands the small council to send the first, tenative offer of peace with Dorne. His message cites the Mother and the peace she brings to the heart of men, and that he has kept the Prince of Dorne in his prayers in these trying times.

Day 30: After having spent some three weeks back in Sunspear, Rhodry departs in the morning for the Planky Town, with two household knights and some servants as escort. There he’ll take ship the next day—a captured merchant galley from the Arbor—for an unknown destination.

Month 8

Day 2: A counter-proposal arrives from Dorne regarding peace. King Baelor considers the matter publicly, and seems to consider the opinions of the Dornish hostages equal to those of his other courtiers, which angers some.

Day 26: The coronation tourney takes place, with many fine deeds being performed. The last contest is between Ser Jaesin Lannister of the Kingsguard and Ser Aidan Dayne, the Knight of the Twilight. In an eerie echo of the final of King Daeron’s grand tourney years before, the two knights unhorse one another and prepare to fight in earnest on foot. The crowd grows angry that a Dornishman may win the king’s tourney. But chivalrously, the two knights agree to propose that the new king name it a draw, and to split the prize between them, as a sign of the new peace. King Baelor agrees.

Day 26: Ser Conrad Arryn is among the few survivors to reach the safety of Blackhaven after a disasterous, harrowing five week struggle across the Boneway. When Ser William Waxley, King Daeron’s steward, lay dying from illness, he entrusted to him the safekeeping of Blackfyre, the sword of the Targaryen kings.

Day 27: King Baelor is crowned in Visenya’s Sept by the High Septon. A feast follows, lasting long into the night, marking the seventh and final consecutive feast thrown in honor of the occasion.

Day 29: Ser Luthor Rivers is appointed Royal Huntsman.

Day 30: King Baelor receives word of the disaster in the Boneway which leaves his steward and thousands of other dead—only a handful survive the harrowing journey in the face of the elements and the vengeful Dornishmen led by Red Rhys of the Scourge. Baelor prays at Visenya’s Sept for the dead, and asks the High Septon to hold the memorial for the lost.

Month 9

Day 4: Ser Luthor Rivers is inducted into the Brothers of the Battle by Ser Sarmion Baratheon.

Day 4: Keira Connington and her infant son are captured by the notorious bandit, Starion Flowers, who demands ransom.

Day 10: The infant Asher Connington dies of neglect and injury at the hands of Starion Flowers.

Day 16: Sarmion Baratheon ambushes the Starveling at a ransom exchange but the bandit springs a counter-ambush. Ser Almer Connington’s wife and child were found killed by the Starveling, but despite the opportunity to revenge himself on the Starveling, he delivers him into custody of Ser Sarmion and the royal justiciar Ser Stevyn Locke. Ultimately, Starion Flowers is defeated and brought back to King’s Landing to face the King’s Justice.

Day 19: The king requests that the High Septon perform the funeral service for those slain by the Starveling and his bandits. Some say it’s because Baelor believes some dark malevolence taints the kingswood, and hopes that the High Septon’s service can help relieve it.

Day 29: Ser Conrad Arryn arrives at the Red Keep, and speaks with Prince Viserys in the yard. Gaunt and haggard, Ser Conrad was not as his former self. However, he revealed that he carried Blackfyre, entrusted to him by Ser William Waxley. Viserys took him to see Baelor following the end of the afternoon service at the royal sept.

Month 10

Day 1: Lord Staunton abducts Lady Evelyn Boggs, recently inheriting her family’s claim, to make her his wife. This touches off a bloody private war among several interested houses in Crackclaw Point, as the lady was at the time betrothed to Ser Osney Brune. In truth, the lady encouraged the abduction, out of a fit of pique at her uncles who attempted to control her, and because Ser Osney was too light with his affections.

Day 10: Feuding between Stauntons and Brunes grows very violent and disruptive, to the point that when the king learns of the troubles, he desires that one of the Most Devout to bring the light of the Seven to Crackclaw Point. However, his Hand and the master of laws support sending a royal justiciar instead. Ser Ranulph Wendwater is given orders to depart with immediate dispatch and settle matters. Accompanying him, Ser Jaesin Lannister and a picked body of Targaryen household knights and men-at-arms are sent to reinforce that Ser Ranulph works the king’s will.

Day 13: Ser Ranulph Wendwater, royal justiciar, departs with Ser Jaesin Lannister and a troop of Targaryen knights and men-at-arms to Crackclaw Point.

Day 16: Arriving at Crackclaw Point, Ser Ranulph begins to discover the present situation and then spends the next week riding between castles and holdfasts, attempting to convince the warring sides to meet and come to terms.

Day 23: Ser Ranulph arranges a parley between the Stauntons and the Brunes. However, his party is ambushed by knights of Crackclaw Point. They kill Ser Ranulph and most of his men, and bring down Ser Jaesin Lannister and take him prisoner. Only two men survive, natives of the region who are able to escape detection and make their slow way south to deliver news of what happened. The identities of the attackers—Stauntons or Brunes—is unknown.

Day 30: The Dornish hostages depart the Red Keep, led by King Baelor who walks barefoot before them. He intends to walk all the way to Sunspear, as a token of penance.

Month 11

Day 12: The survivors of the ambush at Crackclaw Point reach King’s Landing to deliver the full details of what befell them, although they dispute between one another who was responsible for the attack. Prince Viserys determines that a new justiciar must be dispatched, and a stronger force of men to bring the treasonous lords who perpetrated this private war and an attack on a representative of the king. It is determined to wait to see if more information presents itself, so that the expedition will have a clearer mission.

Day 26: Baelor rests briefly at Blackhaven, and is reacquainted with Ser Doran Dondarrion, his former sworn shield who is still recovering from the harrowing experience of the flgith across the Boneway. The Black Bolt warns him of the deadly dangers of the pass, which added thousands more bones to its total during the catastrophe that was King Daeron’s attempt to put down the Dornish rebellion.

Day 24: Queen Daena’s nameday celebration in the Queen’s Ballroom grows tense when feuding members of the Staunton and Brune families clash, following a drunk Ser Timmet Brune attempting to force Princess Elaena’s attendant, Lene Staunton, to dance with him. Ser Devon Staunton, the woman’s cousin, attempted to intervene, and matters grew more and more raucous until the queen had enough and sent the men away.

She received many gifts from the court, including one mystery gift, a unique religious painting whose artist was at the time unknown. Knowing Baelor would be pleased with it, she later had it placed in the Queen’s Ballroom.

Day 25: While on an errand in the city for the youngest princess, Lene Staunton is abducted by Ser Timmet Brune and some of his cohorts, who smuggle her out to a vessel and flee with her towards Crackclaw Point with the intention of using her as a hostage against the Stauntons as well as the Targaryens.

Day 26: With the latest outrage, it is determined to go forward with the punitive expedition to Crackclaw Point. Ser Dagur Saltcliffe is put in charge of the royal forces a few hundred strong, while Ser Stevyn Locke accompanies him as royal justiciar.

Day 29: King Baelor meets his imprisoned cousin, Prince Aemon, at the juncture of the pass with the road leading to Wyl. The Dragonknight is kept in a cage, exposed to the elements, but stands to greet his king. The two pray, and when Baelor accepts that Lord Wyl will not release him from captivity, he swears that he will have Prince Marence intercede. Yet his journey on the Boneway will be afoot, and slow. The former Dornish hostages, almost to a man, choose now to travel east to Wyl, to take ships and seek out their homes far more quickly; almost to a man, but not quite, as Ser Aidan Dayne, Ser Kay Yronwood, Lady Valeria Blackmont, and a handful of others opt to continue across the Boneway.

Day 19: Arriving at Crackclaw Point, the company under Ser Dagur Saltcliffe and Ser Stevyn Locke attempts to discern the present situation, where feuding has continued. Attempts are made to meet with each side. The Stauntons and Brunes both blame one another for the ambush and killing of Ser Ranulph Wendwater, and the abduction of Ser Jaesin Lannister.

Month 12

Day 1: At Wyl, the Dornish hostages take ships that have been assembled there. They plan to land at Ghost Hill and travel across the Broken Arm to Sunspear.

Day 5: A skirmish takes place in the vicinity of Brownhollow as the Stauntons, preparing to attack the Brunes, are intercepted by the royal force and fall to fighting against them. Ser Dagur Saltcliffe leads the van, Ser Burton Crakehall held the left flank, and Ser Luthor Rivers held the right. A hard battle, in which Ser Dagur Saltcliffe is unhorsed and rescued by his fellows after Ser Luthor Rivers rallies the van after setting Ser Farin Prester to complete the rout on the right. The Stauntons are driven away with loss

Day 5: The Dornish hostages who took ship from Wyl reach Ghost Hill.

Day 8: The Dornish hostages reach Sunspear, where they are grandly greeted by Prince Marence and his court.

Day 11: The Brunes of the Dyre Den eventually are convinced to provide information to the royal representatives regarding what has gone on, and reveal the location where Ser Jaesin Lannister is being held by their cousins of Brownhollow. Ser Dagur calls a council of the chief knights in his expedition, discussing this information and planning what to do. It is proposed by Ser Farin Prester that a small and secret company be dispatched to rescue Ser Jaesin, and this plan is found good. A dozen men-at-arms are dispatched to where Ser Jaesin is prisoner.

Day 12: Ser Jaesin is daringly rescued from captivity.

Day 12: In Sunspear,  a feast is held for the returned former hostages. Part way through it, Ser Quinlan Qorgyle, the prince’s father, reveals he has helped to effect a family reunion for an old acquaintance: he has had Ser Mavros Uller’s natural daughter, Samara Sand, fetched from the Free Cities (where, inexplicably, Ser Mavros had left her) by Prince Rhodry. Rumors swirl, as the old rivalry between the two men appears to be the real matter at stake.

Day 18:  The final battle of the Crackclaw Point campaig takes placen, against the forces of Lord Staunton and those Brunes under Osney the Quick, who have allied together despite their differences in an attempt to improve their position. Ser Dagur and the forces under his command ultimately prove victorious. Ser Dagur Saltcliffe brings the private feud to a close, forcing the involved parties to a settlement after battle. Lord Staunton’s marriage to Lady Evelyn is confirmed, Lene Staunton is recovered and a marriage is arranged for her out of respect for her virtue, with her new husband being given a minor sinecture in King’s Landing.. A strategically important holdfast, however, is forfeited to the crown from each of the primary parties.

Day 27: Lady Valeria arrives at Yronwood with her husband, Ser Kay, and is welcomed much better than King Baelor is. They announce they shall remain there, as will young Farien Yronwood.

Day 30: Baelor resumes his journey to Sunspear, still afoot. Ser Aidan Dayne follows along beside him on horseback.