Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


2.2.2. What kind of roleplay can I expect?

The day-to-day roleplay is centered around the social and political interactions at the two courts. We feel that there is a lot of potential in this type of roleplay but that it does depend on what you as a player try to do with it. Some people gravitate towards just the social aspects but we are very happy to help and support those who desire more political roleplay as well.

We try to run various events with some regularity; court sessions, feasts, tourneys and hunts are among the more common types, but we also try to have a few larger-scale plots each year, usually involving trips to some other (but not too distant) part of the Seven Kingdoms. When we can work it in, we definitely try to provide opportunities for our knights to test their skills outside of just tourneys, but we are by no means a combat-heavy game.