Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


CharGen Intro

CharGen, or Character Generation for long and CG for short, is mandatory on Blood of Dragons. All characters on the IC grid must have gone through CharGen and been setup with the necessary attributes. Once a character has been CGed once it will stay that way even if it is returned to NPC status. For more information about how to get a character on Blood of Dragons, see INFO CHARACTER GUIDE.

If the character you have selected has already been CGed, you will still need to enter CharGen before you can enter the IC grid, but it will be a very quick process. Once you enter the CharGen, you will automatically be taken to the last room. There you have the option of setting up your +prefs (see +HELP +PREFS) and +finger (see +HELP +FINGER), but you can also choose to finish right off. Your character will then be approved automatically.

If the character you have selected has not been CGed, you will need to take the character through the full CharGen process.

It is suggested that players spend some time reading through these files before starting the CG process. Players should, for example, consider their character concepts in order to prepare the choices they want to make within the CharGen. At the very least, players should read through SYSTEM CHARGEN OVERVIEW.

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