Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH



While it is our intention to stay as close to possible to canon both in terms of theme and in terms of events, it will not be possible for the MUSH to remain fully canonical. Certain thematic details may need to be modified to improve playability and when it comes to events we are likely to deviate from GRRM’s intended plans for this time period given how few details he has so far given out.

Whenever it is possible, we will try to retroactively fit in any new details we learn about the theme or about the time period we are playing in. For example, we may if possible change the name of a character if we learn the canonical name for a lord of a certain house for this period. But inevitably there will be things we cannot correct retroactively.

Any deviations added to this file will be sorted under either Characters or Events, depending on whether they primarily concern a character that does not match canon or an event that does not match canon.


No known canon deviations at this time.


No known canon deviations at this time.

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