Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH



Between the Articles section and parts of the FAQ at the Citadel, we have covered a lot of the key historical information. Given this, here we will only point towards those sources, to avoid the need to update multiple pages when changes are made.

Pre-Game History

To learn about various key events in the ancient past, please see this FAQ entry at the Citadel.

For information about more recent events, see the Recent History article. Please note that this article begins as pre-game history but then moves onto in-game history.

In-Game History

The in-game history began on the IC date of day 1 of month 1 in the year 158 AC. Everything after this date in the Recent History article is part of the history that has unfolded on the game, though it has been highly summarised.

For more detailed information about these events, see the Chronicle and the Tidings.

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