Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Influence Intro

The Influence system is one of the mechanics available as a support for more structured social and political roleplay on the game. Influence consists of a single value that represents how much ability to get things to go their way a character possesses. Each character is assigned a base Influence value which is derived from the rank of the character’s house as well as various positive and negative modifiers. These modifiers include certain Assets and Flaws as well as some additional modifiers such as court positions and offices.

In addition to the base value for Influence, additional points can be gained and lost through positive and negative +rumors that target a character’s Influence. Influence can also be spent on +rumors, to support or counteract +rumors targetting either Influence or Renown. It may also become possible to use Influence to bid for various offices and positions at court and other ways of gaining and losing Influence may also be introduced.

When a character is in possession of more or less Influence than his or her base value, the Influence will slowly decrease or increase towards that base value. Only the gain or loss of modifiers will raise or lower the base value, altering Influence on a more permanent basis. This ensures that all characters are involved in a continuous struggle for Influence at court.

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