Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Staff Rules

As official representatives of the game, all Staff are expected to lead by example. Ethical, polite and helpful behaviour from all Staff is absolutely vital for the welfare of the game. Players should always be treated respectfully and be given the benefit of the doubt, and if a player is found to be causing problems, they should still be handled in a professional manner by Staff.

The scope of the game and the structure of the Staff does not allow for a complete separation between the duties of the Staff and their interests as players. It is, for example, perfectly possible that Staff will be OOCly involved in a matter that ICly involves their player characters. However, in such scenarios Staff must make sure to remain impartial OOCly and any important decisions that involve the player characters controlled by members of the Staff should be left to the Admin to handle.

With each Staff position comes certain powers. It is absolutely crucial that these powers are never misused. For example, Staff who are able to view otherwise hidden attributes on players may not share any information they learn this way with Staff members without this ability or with players. Naturally, they may of course not use or misuse such information on or outside of the game either.