Blood of Dragons

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As the Admin wish for the game to stray true to the style and situations in A Song of Ice and Fire, mature content is an expected and allowed feature of roleplay. Foul language and graphic depictions of violence are to be expected (but should not be overdone for shock-value) as consequences of playing in a realistic, medievalesque theme. As a result, the Admin’s intentions are that Blood of Dragons should be a game primarily for adult players.

However, provided that players under the age of 18 have permission to join the game from their legal guardians, they are allowed to do so. The Admin will not give precise recommendations in terms of what the recommended minimum age for players are, as that depends entirely on the individual’s maturity and what their parents or guardians allow, but the basic idea is that it should be more or less the same as a recommended minimum age for the books themselves would be. However, two issues deserve a specific mention and some further information: sexual content and public OOC conversations, such as on the game’s channels.

Sexual Content in Roleplay

Public scenes of a graphic nature are not acceptable, primarily because it would be unthematic in the Seven Kingdoms for someone to be having sex in public under normal circumstances. On the other hand, casual nudity among certain classes—prostitutes and wenches and the like—is not something unknown. Players should use their best judgement to determine what style of description is appropriate in public, and if they are uncertain, it is better to err on the side of caution. What players do in private is up to them, as long as it’s legal for them in whatever state/country they reside as well as thematicly appropriate. Some specific issues concerning sexual content are dealt with in INFO ROLEPLAY MATURE.

OOC Conversations

As noted, Blood of Dragons is a game intended primarily for adult players. While OOC conversations are expected to be polite in terms of not including personal attacks on other players, the Admin do not restrict what sort of subjects can be discussed or what sort of language is used when dicussing them.

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