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House Bracken of the Stone Hedge

A red stallion upon a golden escutcheon on brown

General Information

General information about House Bracken from the books.

Family Tree

  • Kennoth Bracken (b. 132), Lord of the Stone Hedge, betrothed to Halanna Ryger (b. 142),
    • his deceased wife, {Lady Yolande} of House Royce (b. 137), died in childbed (d. 162),
      • their children:
        • Barba (b. 155), former mistress to King Aegon IV (see House Targaryen),
          • her bastard son, Aegor Rivers (b. 172),
        • {Two stillborn daughters},
        • Bethany (b. 162),
    • his siblings:
      • {Orissa} (b. 126), dead of a pox (d. 150), m. Lord Bellos Smallwood (b. 123), Lord of Acorn Hall,
      • {Belarra} (b. 128), dead in childbed (d. 161), m. Lord Joscelyn Mallister (b. 124), called the Just, Lord of Seagard,
      • Ser Othan (b. 134), called Blackmane, a famous knight, m. Gwella Wendwater (b. 134),
        • Othan's daughter,
        • Othan's son,
        • Othan's daughter,